SOFT vs Regular

  1. Since you cannot really go wrong with the choosing of "design" pattern on an Epi handbag, I was thinking of ordering a Epi Speedy from Eluxury before the price hike. Can anyone please tell me what they mean between the "Epi Speedy 25" and an "Epi Soft Speedy?" :confused1: Are the "soft" ones more likely to collapse at the bottom and more limpy?
  2. I believe the soft epi is literally softer than the regular epi. The regular one seems quite stiff and bulky. I would get the soft version.
  3. the soft ones won't hold its shape as well as the regular ones imo. however you can help it maintain its shape better if you use something like a purseket or a piece of cardboard on the bottom. the old epis were all the regular ones and had very structured shapes.
  4. My SA told me that the regular Epi Speedys are so hard to get in and out of because the leather is so stiff and she always scratched her hand whenever she reached in/out because of the zipper. The soft one is better, but it's more prone to wrinkles as well.
  5. I personally like the hard ones better, I have a blue one and I do not find it hard to get into at all...the soft ones are too squishy, JMHO.
  6. I like the hard ones.