Soft Vintage Ligne....

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  1. what colors does it come in b/c I was in Chanel SOHO this morning and I saw a brownish/red tote and the color was awful (IMO) - it could have just been the lighting, but the black and gray are so much nicer!!!
  2. They call it burgundy but I feel the same way....not flattering in the store. Maybe in natural light?
  3. there's a brown as well. My SA said it's a 'tobacco' color. I'm waiting to see it.
    Black, brown, white, grey and burgandy are some of the colors.
  4. It looked like mud w/ blood in it (if thats the best way to describe it). It certainly wasn't burgundy - Not a fan :yucky: :yucky:
  5. blech! Hope it wasn't the brown I'm waiting to see! LOL!
  6. i heard there is a brown color and then a reddish brown color as well as black and grey.
  7. Hi there,
    There are two different browns and a burgandy. Oh no, I hope it is not the burgandy that I have been waiting for. Yikes! If anyone is in the store again, please ask them what color it is. thanks!
  8. :sigh
    if it's a fugly brown, looks like I'll be adding a white bag to the collection instead!

    My gosh a little color issue can send this Fourm into a tizzy! LOL!
  9. I just called Ryan in the SOHO store, she's so sweet!! Anyway... it was the brown color - not the burgundy. They haven't gotten the burgundy in yet.

    THAT CLARIFIES IT:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:
  10. Has anybody got a picture of the bag (in any colour)? I don't think I've seen a vintage ligne bag (i'm sure theres some in other threads, but im so tired.. it's been a hard day at work...)
  11. :happydance: Thanks so much Japs!! I will be able to sleep tonight!! Good luck with your brown, Swanky! There are two colors so hopefully this is not the one you have on preorder.
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