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Dec 4, 2007
Planet Spacejace
Hi Chanel ladies,

I'm a pretty faithful Marc Jacobs lover, but lately I've been feeling the draw of Chanel. I'm at that all too confusing research stage where I'm just trying to gather info on anything that looks interesting to me (and of course I love just about everything!). I saw this bag on the Chanel site under S/S '09. Does anyone know if its available yet?

I'm crushing on this one too:

I was a little confused by this one though because it was under the S/S '09 section of the site but it was labeled "metallic calfskin large flap bag". Does that mean its not part of the classic collection?

Any info/help would be much appreciated, TIA:heart:

ETA: Ooops, I realized the second was from this winter's collection. Now I guess I'm wondering if the style will be carried over?
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Mar 9, 2008
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Hi spaceyjacy,

Welcome to the Chanel world!!

Let me answer your questions. The first picture you have is from the current SS09 "Pearls Obsession" collection. It's a seasonal item. And yes, it's out in the stores already. This style is called the accordion flap. I think this retails for a little bit below US$3000. You can call the Chanel 1-800 number to check the price. This is made of lambskin (very very soft) and those are "faux pearls". The measurement of this bag is 17cmx34cmx14cm. This bag is available in black, dark navy, beige and white.

As for the other metallic black bag from the autumn/winter collection, it's what we call the "reissue tote" and it's also a seasonal item. It's been out for a while already but not sure if the stores still carry it. Some stores might still have it. You can try your luck by calling around (try dept stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordtsrom and also the Chanel boutiques). You can just tell the SAs the style number (which you can find in the website) and then ask whether it's still available. They can check out from the computer. I don't remember the price of this one though....