Soft Lady Dior handles??

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  1. Hi lovelies, I bought a beautiful lady Dior bag from Carousell (link should still be up: ) and I got it mailed to me cos the seller was "away". The handles are very soft and flexible, quite unlike my black lady Dior in the lambskin. Is this normal? Is it because they're made of different materials? My first thought when I got it was "oh no I hope it isn't fake" lol. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459349813.911759.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459349903.204650.jpg
  2. Although I can't see any problems from the naked eye, my lady Dior is also stiff. I've never seen or held one with handles that can bend like that

  3. Thank you! Yeah my other bags have very stiff handles too. Not sure if it's due to manhandling or some sort :/
  4. Perhaps get it authenticated here to be sure?
  5. Maybe you can bring it down to Dior to get it fix? Let us know the outcome. :smile:

  6. I brought it to the Dior store and the lady was very kind. She told me not to worry and showed me that the lady Diors she had in the store had fairly pliable handles too.
  7. Glad that it's not defective. The blue is so pretty. Congrats. :smile: