Soft Lady Dior East/West Bag

  1. hi all i just saw this online and absolutely :heart::heart::heart: it! is this a season bag or it'll always be available?

    also i saw a previous thread about tearing of leather near the handle. tpfers have commented the bag is more for delicate use. sorry if i sound silly but the bag mentioned is it this bag style in picture? i'm not too familiar with diors bag :sweatdrop:.

    thanks :smile:
    Soft Lady Dior East West Bag.JPG
  2. i think they have hit the outlets recently which means that they`re seasonal and wont be in the boutiques anymore...
  3. i got that exact one at the orlando outlet for ~$400
  4. also.. about the problems... like it says in the thread, we need to remember that these bags are not everyday bags... and we need to be gentle with these, not over stuffing them etc...
  5. I have that one in white (they still have the white and black but the blue and red went onsale and hit the outlet)
    get it if you love it, I've got many compliments on it.
  6. wow $400 that's a Great deal!!! i'm now so sad that i don't stay in usa :sad:. thanks for all the replies :flowers:.
  7. i think they are a regular mainstay in the lady dior line, although the colours are seasonal. i know currently the latest colours for it should be the metallic silver & gold. as far as i know it comes only in 1 size.

    it's really cute and when i tried it on in paris, i found it to be of a good size for an evening bag. :yes: it seemed pretty sturdy to me too.
  8. thanks zerodross :smile:.
  9. Thanks for this post. I will be more careful with mine from now on. I also bought this bag from the NY outlet. It is a really nice bag but it is really tiny and can barely fit anything.

  10. its good for a tampon and the iphone.. .lol i cant even fit money in the zipper pocket! lol
  11. :roflmfao: I thought it was me. I can't even fit my sidekick in there.
  12. I totally agree!!! its why im selling mine!