Soft Knots Hobo Bag

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  1. Trust me.....SOFT is an understatement! They didnt have the hobo in the store when I got my tote, but I needed something with structure as nothing else I own has it, so thats why I got the tote. It is a BEAUTIFUL bag....
  2. I love that one too!! Actually I prefer the hobo over the tote....but I wouldn't turn either down!!
  3. Very pretty! You should definately get it!
  4. It's beautiful!!
  5. OMG!!! I went to the Burberry store today and tried it in and the leather feels sooooo soft! I was afraid that it would be too big on me but it fits just right! For some reason, the inside lining shown on the website is different than in the store. The store has the check lining and the website is just black but yet, it's the same bag! I think I will get it from the store....
  6. awesome!! can't wait to see pics :biggrin:
  7. Thanks! It probably won't be toooo soon because I must pay off all the credit card bills. I also just paid my property taxes AND my car insurance so I need to start saving up. But I will post pics once I get it!
  8. Ohhh, this one's lovely :nuts: !!!
  9. It seems absolutely lovely - tres chic. How big is it? I'm assuming it comfortably fits magazines or standard files. Yes?
  10. this one is cute love the design, (i cant do bags that are light in color)...i love burberry bags, they make very good bags...go for it.. :smile:
  11. I agree. I would get it in black. Just trying to figure out sizing. It's difficult to tell - it seems the measurements vary depending on if you are the Burberry site or Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales....Any help?
  12. black = :tup::tup:
  13. I got it in black - absolutely love it! Fits EVERYTHING. But doesn't look like its holding everything. It was a great find - classic with a twist. Definitely recommend! Couldn't be happier.