Soft/Dull Gold Classic Flap -- What can you wear with this?

  1. I just saw the most gorgeous classic flap I have ever seen. It was a dull/soft gold in metallic lambskin. I really, really want this bag and I put it on hold until Wednesday. My only concern is that I will have nothing to wear it with. Does anyone else own a gold Chanel? What do you wear with it? I was wearing brown leather shoes and jeans, and the gold didn't look great with brown shoes. I typically wear gold with brown and silver with black, but I don't know if this bag will look great with either. Any suggestion? Thanks!
  2. I think it all depends on your wardrobe/colors/personal preference, for me it would be a great spring/summer/resort bag, can just picture it with a white outfit, maybe simple gold sandals, or dressing up khakis and a white T -- I thinks it's a gorgeous bag, very different.
  3. I have this bag and I'm telling you...everything matches this stunning beauty!!!!!:nuts:
  4. It's gorgeous! It seems like it'd be surprisingly versatile. Get it!
  5. whoA, it's super sexy, hehe.
  6. You can do it with dark jeans and it will look fab.
  7. I think you could wear it with anything! A metallic like gold or silver can definitely act as neutrals: I think it would look great paired with brown.
  8. [​IMG]

    This is the bag! Thanks foxycleopatra for the pic! I have never seen it before today and it's quite funny that the same one is up on eBay. I couldn't remember exactly what the colour looked like, so this picture is great!

    Another concern with the bag is that it may be too dressy to wear during the day or casually at night. BergdorfBlonde (or anyone else who own's this bag), does it look good with jeans, a casual shirt and brown or black stiletto boots, because that is probably what I would end up wearing it with the most.

    Also, the SA told me they just received the bag. Does anyone know if this is an older bag or newer bag? Will it be available for a while, or should I snag it immediately?

    Thanks everyone for your advice!
  9. One more question. Which do you think is more versatile, this bag or the blush patent?
  10. May I ask, what the cost is for the bag?
  11. It's georgeous, I think it'll go with everything (just don't overly dress up!). I have a gold gucci hobo, and it's great just w/jeans and t-shirt etc.
  12. It's beautiful, it would match with LOTS of outfits so don't worry :biggrin:
  13. Wow that is a beautiful bag!! I think because the hardware is silver and the gold is matte it would go best with black/ grey/ navy/ jeans etc.
  14. id walk around naked and just stare at myself in the mirior holding it