Soft duffle strap question

  1. I was in a Coach store the other day and noticed that all the small soft duffles don't have straps that you can adjust to make longer (like to wear messanger bag style?). Looking at the current soft duffle collections it looks like only the larger ones can do that. I asked the SA about it because I have a small soft duffle with the long adjustable strap. She said that it's a much older style and now you have to special order the small soft duffles with long straps. Does anybody know anything about this?

    For reference: I have this bag in soft pink.

    It's the small soft duffle, style #1427.
  2. I never knew that. hmm..just like LV you can get longer straps for specific bags but you have to pay for them. Hopefully they aren't that expensive. Thanks for sharing..are most bags going to be like that now? Because they have several cute bags I would love to have but I'm a shoulder kinda gal & it would be so great to be able to get alittle longer strap.
  3. I dunno..I do have a mini blue suede duffle from like three years ago..and the strap does extend...but its so small it basically takes it from being hand-held to just fitting on the shoulder...and its three years old. I hadn't noticed a change in those lately...
  4. Yeah, when they changed the duffles around, the small ones got a different strap. :sad: I have an older style with the adjustable one too, and it's nice! I think the larger one is the same size as the old ones ... the small ones are pretty small!
  5. Personally I wear my soft duffle with the long strap 75% of the time, but recently I've been wearing it as a shoulder bag. I'm a very hands on shopper so I prefer having my hands free to use them.

    And I'm not pleased with the soft duffles recently at all. I miss the classic kakki signature one with the lighter tan leather. I don't like the brown leather they're using now. And the small ones are soooooooo much smaller than mine. With the side buckles, they're too small.
  6. The small soft duffles are really small. I went to Coach this weekend with the intent of getting a small one but it was so much smaller in person than it appeared on the website. That "try this bag on" option is kind of misleading. I ended up getting the large one. I love that the strap is adjustable, it will be useful when I travel. They really need to have that kind of strap on the smaller one too.