SOFT CROCO FUME - 60% off!

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  1. From Bryan - please contact if you are interested....

    FW 2008-2009 Soft Croco Fume - Exclusive shape given by the horizontal positioning of the frame. Hand-covered Soft Crocodile frame with protective metal bottom studs

    Peltro hardware and Velour lining
    Original Retail Price: $20,900 now more than 60% off :P

    Attached Files:

  2. This is a very special bag....
  3. Agreed. Where is uclaboi?!?
  4. Wow, this is beautiful. I wonder if I will ever be able to afford something like this. Hope someone who does gets it, this beauty deserves a home.
  5. This looks like heaven.
  6. Wow - amazing bag!!!
  7. Why am I even in this thread? :noggin:
  8. ^^^ Ditto! Ugh, this bag is hideous! (NOT!!!!!)
  9. Is it still available or gone?
  10. anyone can enlighten me how to open the bag?
  11. Love this bag, back in my old corporate life it would have been just perfect.
  12. Yes! I have the Ash Python version in a smaller bag, more like a big clutch. See the metal tabs on each side of the bag in the picture below? They are the clasps. You rock each back and they release.

  13. ThanX Jburgh for the explanation. Smart and cool design. Will the clasps cut into the croc leather and leave marks?

    It's a beauty!