soft & chain VS rock & chain (im pls?)

  1. I cant seem to tell the difference between the 2 bags.. i searched on the forum and found these 2 pics but they look the same to me :confused1::confused1:

    Can anyone furnish me with the more info (pricing/style/color) or the right links please?

    TIA!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    The first pic is supposedly the soft & chain medium flap and the second one is the rock & chain large flap.. :shame:

  2. I don't know about the sizes, but you are right about the styles - first is soft & chain and second is rock & chain.
  3. looks like the bottom one has leather interwoven into the chain.
  4. The bottom one looks to have a flap. The top one looks to open at the top.
  5. I thought so too.. but is that the only difference between the rock and soft? :shrugs:
  6. The first one is a medium soft and chain hobo it costs 1850 or 1950. second is rock and chain flap and I dont know price.
  7. Since they aren't bags I'd probably buy for me, I don't know jack about them, sorry!
  8. LOL its alright Swanky! Thanks for trying to help :flowers: i never liked these bags when i first saw them.. so i never paid any attention to the posts on them.. but now.. i think they are quite cute :love:

    BUT they both look the same to me. lol.
  9. Thanks sjunky! :heart: Have u seen them IRL? :yes: Do they have different leathers?
  10. actually they are quite different bags in person. The soft & chain has sturdier leather and the heavy chain..this one pictured is the medium hobo and the chain kept falling off my shoulder and also its quite heavy. Its open top and is from the same collection as the hobos that jill bought and the pochette with the dangling CC.

    the rock and chain has softer lighter leather, its a flap bag and has the 3 woven chain handle. its much larger then the hobo and has a better shape IMO. I dont like the way the soft and chain caves inwards, its a problem with the entire line IMO..even the pochette did something like that, so I returned it. the rock and chain is 1975$ for the size I got and the smaller one is $1850'ish. The soft and chain is 1950$ and the larger one that JILL has is over $2300, if memory serves me correctly.
  11. I love the large soft and chain that Jill has. I love that is caves in , it gives it a slouchy funky vibe not at all structured. The smaller hobo in the first pic does indeed fall off the shoulders and I think is to small for the style, the leather on these are gorgeous but very delicate. The rock and chain is really a smokin bag love the chains on it. Both are great bags if your looking for something different than a flap. I tried both sizes of the soft and chain medium hobo and the larger and if you go with soft and chain I would say go for the larger size , its only a little more lol but the size makes the bag. I havent seen the rock and chain IRL but looking at pics it looks TDF. good luck , you wont go wrong with either bag. I say soft and chain hehehe
  12. the soft & chain bags are made of lambskin leather. very soft and plushy. i have the large style (same as jill's, i believe) and it stay on the shoulder fine. it has a magnetic closure. it comes in 3 sizes, the pouchette, medium (shown in that first pic) and the large. medium is $1950 and the large is $2350. not sure how much the pouchette is...

    the rock & chain line comes in that flap bag style and a hobo/sling style. that flap bag you see in the second pic. is $1950? i think, and the hobo/sling comes in two sizes. the small is $1975 and the large hobo is $2350. oh, and the leather on these are calfskin. lightweight with a slight glaze, i was told...
  13. I like the shoulder STRAP on my SOFT CHAINS better than the SUPER wide one on the rock and chain
  14. WOW Thank you so much cisforcoco, sjunky and bearkeeper for that detailed information!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers: Your help is very much appreciated!! Thank you!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  15. I think the chain for the soft & chain looks like the new chain on the classic flaps! Very pretty!! oh Jill! when will u get tired of your black soft & chain?? *hint* :heart::heart: