Soft Chain, Expandable, NM is fully stocked!

  1. I went to NM in Troy Michigan today, and they seemed to have everything! I barely escaped without doing some serious damage, but alas, I was a good girl (well, for now that is:p)

    A few people asked if they had the larger Soft Chain large hobo (like Jill's), and they not only have that one (in black) but they have the small hobo in black and white- which I totally fell in love with:graucho:, in addition to the pochette!

    They also have the a great selection of the Expandable bags. At first, I wasn't crazy about this style, but when you see and feel it in person, it is just HOT! :nuts:

    I asked Lisa (my SA) to email me some more pics when she gets a chance because I am now really torn over a few bags. But I will post the pics when I get them! I love this season's styles!

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested or have any questions (248) 635-8442!
  2. I should add that I forgot some of the prices. I know that the large Soft Chain hobo is $2350 (the leather on the Soft Chain is absolutely incredible)!

    The Expandable Hobo was $2250 I think, and the Flap was $2395. HTH!
  3. I AGREE!LOL! I have the expandable and its SO much nicer IRL!!!
  4. Seriously, I totally stuck my nose up at it until Lisa convinced me to look at it. I swear, that bag ROCKS!

    And of course, I am totally smitten with the Soft n Chain bags- OMG! THat leather is TDF!
  5. Thanks for the update since I didn't get to go to Somerset today:crybaby:
  6. i saw the expandable today. the leather is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really didn't like it before... but i put it on my shoulder today and it was absolutely gorrrrgeeeouuuusssssss! :drool::drool::drool:
  7. They had the soft chain pochette????
  8. These bags are also stocked at the NM in San Antonio
  9. Yes!!! It is gorgeous! (They have it in black and white):love:
  10. ^ I have the pouchette in black..I get so many compliments when I wear it!
  11. ^^^ What do you think of it in white??? I am debating....
  12. I'm falling in love with the soft and chain. Do you have a pic of the small hobo or the dimensions? I"ve seen the large, but just curious about the smaller version.

    Lisa is wonderful to work with. I just might have to give her a call tomorrow.:yes:
  13. Gators-I don't have a pic, but I tried it on yesterday and LOVED the smaller hobo. I was ready to buy the pochette when I saw this, and then my head started to spin because the smaller hobo was a perfect fit! Seriously, it fits wonderfully under your arm, easy to wear on the shoulder, and looks incredible on!

    Definitely call Lisa, and she will send you an email if you want with a pic!
  14. Thanks! I wanted the pochette also, but now I'm changing my mind. I actually did a search and found a pic of the smaller hobo and it was gorgeous! I do have a question though...what do you think of the chain? Was it heavy at all? Usually I don't like the all chain look with no leather woven in, but I really do like this style.
  15. No- that was what was so surprising! The chain is not heavy at all, and it is pretty comfortable.