soft & chain bag or gold flap available?

  1. has anyone seen the blue soft and chain bag or the gold classic flap anywhere, esp Saks?


    heres the pic of the blue soft and chain:

  2. OOH..Thats pretty!!!!!
  3. My NM had the gold flap yesterday.
  4. swanky, do you know if it was the same one that fellow PFr butterflie has? I think hers is matte gold flap...let me know! thanks
  5. my NM had the blue soft & chain a couple of days ago (Fashion Island)
  6. is there a link to the pic?
  7. I saw a gold bag at Saks in PA yesterday..not sure if its the same one..Call Saks in PA...1-610-667-1550 ext 258(I use Damian there)
  8. I saw the blue soft and chain at Newport Beach NM on Thursday, also the matte gold flap. Call 949-759-1900 and ask for Coleen in Designer Handbags. Please tell her Lani sent you.
  9. swanky heres the pic from NM:

  10. OH YES! Saw that beautiful bag just yesterday!
    Would you like my SA's info?
  11. yes, do you know if the pirce was indeed $1750? thanks!
  12. I didn't fondle it, sorry.
    Call Shannon @ NM:
    {877}634.6265 ask for handbags and then ask for Shannon.
    If it's afterhours or she's not there leave her a voice mail at the same # but ext 1301.

    The bag was GORGEOUS, very special for sure:yes:
  13. NM at Stanford in Palo Alto had the blue soft & chain flap. It is a really, really bright blue.

  14. I saw it yesterday and boy is it bright. In the pics it looks more muted, so it took be by suprise IRL.
  15. yes - Its a little bright