Soft Calf Stam - Can you Picture It?

  1. I was comparing my Patchwork & Quilted Stams earlier and started thinking....what would the Stam look like in Soft Calf Leather? Is it even possible since the soft calf is so soft and ultimately "slouchy"? I guess what started me thinking about it is the fact that the ends of the Patchwork are made of soft calf leather - they're so soft and give the bag a natural slouch. I started trying to imagine what the Stam would look like in all Soft Calf Leather.

    When the Stam first came out I resisted it, mainly because of the quilted leather/kisslock closure. IMO, it was too "Chanel-like". That was until I bought a Mina bag & realized I loved the style/look. I now own 2 Stams, and have a feeling they're only the beginning!!!

    I just wonder if the Stam would be appealing in smooth, soft calf leather or would it loose its charm? What do you think? Would you buy it? Would you hate it?

    Just wondering......
  2. This had crossed my mind as well. I'm not too sure how this would look. My first impression would be Too slouchy, perhaps? :confused1: But if there ever was a Soft calf Stam, I'm sure they would somehow think of a way to give it just enough support so it doesnt just look like a dead cow carcass :p Maybe with the lined nylon interior along with the classic frame. Hmm, but I do think the PW and Quilted texture gives it character. I just don't know!!
  3. interesting idea. i don't know how much i'd like it. i think it would be a little on the plain side. the quilting and patchwork are good details and give the bag character.
  4. :yucky::yucky: :lol:

    I'd love to see what a soft calf stam would look like. In a way, you'd think with all of the soft calf classics made, a prototype of the soft calf stam would be around.

    Though,IMO, the quilting and detailing is what makes it a stam.