Soft Birkin? Or just 'broken in'?

  1. Hi everybody!
    I don't know much about Birkins- I saw one today that I am pretty sure was real (very moneyed part of town, very moneyed looking woman), but it was very soft and unstructured, a gorgeous red, smooth-ish leather. The Birkin pics I've seen here seem to be of a bag that is more rigid, do they come in a really soft leather? Thanks!
  2. Although mine is quite rigid but there are birkins that are softer with leather such as togo, clemence and etc. Those are also very very beautiful as well.
  3. Some leathers are softer than others but usually Birkin are not really unstructured, I mean Birkin will never be like Chloè paddingtons for example...
  4. Good point hkstar.
  5. Okay, thanks.
    The one I saw wasn't like a Paddy, just a puddle...but when open, it kind of fell in on itself, KWIM? It was just divine, the Birkin has something about it, in photos it looks kind of old-lady-ish, but in person it was to die for.
  6. I saw a floppy birkin at hermes once. It did fall on itself when the owner of the bag took it out of her other bag to be serviced by the guy who sits in the back of the store just fixing bags all day. There are photos of the softer birkins on in the hermes thread. I don't think I like the softer birkins as much as the more structured ones (if I had to choose and were paying thousands, I would choose the more structured).
  7. It was most likely Clemence leather. It has a tendency to do this after a few years. :smile: