Soft as Buttah / Soft as Baby's ..

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  1. Hi all :biggrin: ! After reading a couple of threads on the metallic paddy maybe having not as soft leather as the others, and kooba being the best, and in another thread how sigrid olsen does not feel as nice as it looks, i thought it would be fun to rank soft as buttah, with 1 being the highest. If we go up to 5th place, that's probably ok, but feel free to go as high as 10!

    1. Kooba
    2. Paddy
    3. BV (esp ball bag)
    4. Balenciaga
    5. Bulga

    In your opinion??? (since I am guessing, having not seen some IRL).
  2. 5. Bulga

    In your opinion??? (since I am guessing, having not seen some IRL).[/quote]

    I can vouch that particular Sigrid Olsen bag in the thread is not portrayed well. I can vouch (I think it's Amanda that can as well) that Sigrid Olsen leather is super, super, super soft and squishy. :biggrin:
    I have a black Sigrid Olsen hobo in my handbag collection thread. The leather on it is heavenly. :love:
  3. [
  4. Gosh - I don't have a lot of soft squishy bags, but I would guess:

    5.Hayden Harnett
  5. Bjara, I dunno...all I know is that I was very disappointed when I saw the bag face to face, skin to skin
  6. I agree. I saw it after I had already bought the one I got. I don't care for the trim on it either. :Push:
  7. I don't have any of these ranked bags, but I can vouch for Suhali being super soft, plush, and thick!