Soft and chain SOS

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to purchase the beige soft and chain flap bag from the s/s 07 collection and I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether they come in small and medium. I've seen pictures of the large and IMO I think it slouches way too much that it kind of distorts the look of the bag. Also, if you could tell me the price and dimensions and where I can get one, it would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. beige sc.jpg
  3. I can give u details... my saleslady has one available in her stock.. the small.. beige flap
  4. Thats beautiful, although I'm thinking small might be too little now...
  5. Thanks. :yes: Would you mind giving me details or even your sales lady's info? What I'm really hoping for though, would be that there's a medium size. Small looks a little too small, meanwhile big is a little too big. But if I had a choice between small and large, I guess I would go for the large instead. More practical, I guess. :shame:
  6. I thought the flap only came in two sizes. Small for $1850 and Jessica Alba's size, the large one.
  7. ^Yep,cheapmommy is correct.there r only 2 sizes for the flap.
    the large size comes in white and blue and only the white one is available now at NM.
  8. I think that thread was about the soft and chain hobo. I have that bag too and it is just awesome. That bag came in the beige and black.