Soft and Chain in Matte Alligator *pic*

  1. Ok, it's a crummy pic scanned from the NY Times. Isn't this the soft and chain bag in alligator?

    I called the Michigan Ave store in Chicago and they said it comes in Chocolate Brown and Navy. $18,000.

  2. Only $18,000? Pshh ;)
  3. Maxter you made my heart skip a beat. This is the most beautiful bag!!!
  4. Maxter, are you starting an alligator trend now? I just finished chasing the python trend you started. Damn that bag is hot!
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. a dream ;)
  7. Quit laughing!! LOL It is ALOT cheaper than the $43,000 bag that Swanky saw at her trunk show.
  8. Beautiful.
  9. Nope!! But I LOVE skins. I find them so breathtakingly beautiful. I just bought a new pair of croc loafers in green. I am such a pushover.

    The biggest problem I have with skins of any kind is figuring out how to coordinate the shoes (if I wear a skin handbag) or the bag (if I wear skin shoes). I always think one or the other has to be "quiet" in order for the skin to stand out and show! KWIM?!!
  10. 18,000 ???
  11. that is gorgeous! how much is the one with calfskin leather?
  12. :wtf: dido! It's painful to see the price tag....candy coated poison:crybaby:
  13. holy moly wowow 18K, somebody get this so i can live vicariously thru them
  14. Sure is a beauty. Maybe we can get a posse together and go gator hunting, trade the kill to Chanel for a bag like that!!!
  15. :wtf: No!! 43,000?!?!? Which bag was this? That's not even funny anymore, that's painful!