Soft and Chain bag

  1. Does anybody have a picture and info on the Soft and Chain bag???? :shrugs:
  2. Rock & Chain?
    Did you try a search, there's been recent discussion on this ligne.
  3. No Soft and chain is a different ligne than rock and chain,Swanky.I saw it in Blush and it was my FAVE bag at the trunk show..Its super TDF !!!!Havent seen any pics here of it yet...sniff.....Im waitlisted for it...
  4. Jill, do you know $$$$???
  5. OH! My trunk show isn't until next week. . . haven't even heard of it!:biggrin::shame:
  6. I have not seen it either, but it sounds amazing, and if Jill likes it rest assured we will see pics of hers in the near future!
  7. ^LOL!Most of the bags Im listed for were about 2350ish.
  8. ^^^She said "bags" as in plural! I can't wait to see!
  9. I guess I'll have to ask the SA for pictures... until then, Jill can you describe it?? Does it look like any other Chanel style? All I know is that is about 16x13", supersoft and hobo like... does it sound familiar?
  10. ^super smooth smushy leather..LOL..I sawit in Blush but my NM is only getting it in Black and white.The blush wwas TDF....My fave bag at the entire trunk show
  11. I saw some Soft & Chains... there was one that was very similar to the Classic Flap, but it was... softer looking. Less stiff and structured but still the same basic shape as the flap. The chain length seemed to be the drop of the classic bag, when it was doubled. I don't think my store is getting it in gold or green Python ($$$), just the lambskin.

    There was also a hobo style with the big CCs on the front.
  12. I just waitlisted myself at Chanel..They are getting the blush one in that I love!Its actually called beige/This bag comes in 3 sizes
  13. From the SA description it looked more like the Ultimate soft than the Classic flap. Now I really need a picture, it's really hard to buy something without seeing it. I'm thinking a black one.
  14. Now you have my interest as well. :smile: I'm dying to see a photo!
  15. Its pictured in the Lookbook, which i was emailed from Bergdorf. If someone knows how I can post or I can email it to you to post. Its in power pt format.

    It is cute. I don't have power pt at work, but if you email me your email then I can send it to you to post.