Sofitel Minneapolis - La Fougasse Restaurant... help!

  1. Hey all! For the heck of it tomorrow my boyfriend and I are staying in some suite at Sofitel Minneapolis and I'm understanding that the restaurant there serves French cuisine. Now... I've NEVER had French food and I generally shy away from anything that is "different". I generally try to stick to things I know I'll like such as pasta or soup... something along those lines. I hear at this particular place they have excellent food and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers on some different choices that are good for a more "picky" eater. I always label myself as being someone who eats only "American" food. Lol. Any ideas anyone? Has anyone stayed at a Sofitel before? Ahhh, I feel stressed about this dinner thing and they don't even have a menu online! :shrugs:
  2. From what I've heard about that restaurant, it's more mediterranean rather than French. French food is delicious but you have to be able to overlook "odd" things on the menu and just remember that the french can cook a pig's nostril and make it taste delicious. Have fun!
  3. Sofitel's website claimed French... hmm...
  4. No its french. I have a friend that works there. The steak is suppose to be awesome but pricey. The custard cake with fruit on top is really good too! My fave and the raisin crossiants and choco crossiants are yummy!
  5. AWESOME! Thanks soooo much! I was really worried about what they may have on their menu... but if they have steak, I'm all good! Oh, and I'll give that custard cake a whirl! :yes:
  6. French isn't too intimidating, just avoid the stuff you don't recognize if you're worried. You should be able to get a tasty steak or roast chicken, and surely some awesome soup. There's a small, fancy, french place near me, my favorite thing is simply soup and salad lyonnaise. Simple, totally satisfying. If you're really nervous, see if they have a menu online, and maybe you guys can change your plans to a different restaurant nearby (or room service!).
  7. French food is completly not overwhelming or crazy at all... you will be fine- just read over the menu!! Have fun!
  8. Thanks girlies! I just truly shy away from trying new thing for fear of disliking something (it's always a shame when you get something you dislike and then move it around on the plate and eat little bits)! :o)
  9. Do you by chance know what people generally wear to this place? Online it says casual attire but I've been to places that claim that and it's not really what I invision as being "casual" :shrugs:
  10. ^^I would definitely say no jeans. I think it is a little fancier
  11. AWESOME! Thanks bunches! :smile:
  12. No problemo! Hope you have an awesome time!