Sofia's 1st Balenciaga...but definitely not the last! (GSH Day in Sanguine)

Sofia Mena

Dec 1, 2008
My GSH Day in Sanguine arrived today! It took exactly one week to get from Sacoche in Bahrain to me in the DC area, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't be happier with the bag and the service I received from Merlyn.

I've moisturized her with the Apple Leather conditioner but I've yet to use the AppleGarde to protect her. As soon as the rain lets up, she's going outside so I can spray away. The leather is wonderfully veiny and smooshy, and I can already tell the bag will age nicely.

The color is evenly saturated though it is a bit lighter in person than I was anticipating. Sanguine is truly a chameleon-like color; in brighter lights it has a bit of a pink/purple undertone and in a darker setting it's more brown. It also picks up the colors around it so it acts as a nice neutral with most of my wardrobe.

Pardon the lousy BlackBerry pics. I'm at work and my good camera is at home. I'll attach better pics later. You can see she's already started to slouch a bit.