Sofia vergara's bag

  1. Can you id sofia vergara's bag? Many thanks
  2. Hermes, Kate Spade, Marc? The gold writing reminds me of that style, but not sure
  3. I just saw this picture and was wondering who it's by, too. I immediately came here because I knew someone would have posted a pic, and surely someone will know the answer. Lol
  4. Me too lol. I saw the pic on

    looks like prada
  5. It is pretty:smile:
  6. Fontana Milano 1915
  7. That's what my fiance said (apparently I purchase too many hangbags if my fiance knows the different styles/designers. Lol). I was reading some comments, on a gossip site, and someone thought it was Hermes.

    Thank you, Jazmini
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    Yup it is a

    Fontina Milano bag. Pretty!

  9. Nope! The company that makes the bag is Fontana Milano 1915, not Prada. The name of the bag, itself, is Afef.
  10. Oh sorry put in Prada and Fontina in and it came up on Yahoo. Didn't go further than that..:p
  11. :smile:
  12. No biggie! The most important thing is the beauty of the bag, and that I get my hands on one, ASAP! :drool: I thought Sofia's was gorgeous, but then I came across another colour, online. I'm a tad in love!

  13. Well, I thank you, but my bank account (and fiance) don't. ;) Yet another bag that will be added to my collection.
  14. Love these bags!
    Anyone know if they are sold in US, anywhere?
    Or do you order from Italy?