Sofía Vergara

  1. So, Meet the Browns is on, and I got to thinking...


    I love this woman!

    Factoids via Wikipedia:

    ^Above this Wikipedia attempts to clarify:

    Also, she has a son named Manolo who is around 18 years old or so.

    Pictures (yes, I did focus on her Birkins, LOL.):



    ++++++SVBE.jpg ++++++SVSSs.jpg ++++SVVBB.jpg +++++++SVb.jpg
  2. Nobody likes Sofia??
  3. Stunning woman, and I can't believe she is 38!!!! :shocked: I'm really happy for her success on "Modern Family". LOVE that show! :biggrin:
  4. I've seen a lot of her interviews and she is really funny. I think she's beautiful!!! I love her on Modern Family.
  5. She's 38? She looks much younger.
  6. Love her on Modern Family!

    I can't believe she's 38!!!
  7. I love her! She is gorgeous and hilarious... Modern Family is currently one of my favorite shows.
  8. I met her years ago in Miami beach while working at a boutique, she was very nice and beautiful!
  9. She was in a Tyler perry movie. Very funny lady
  10. I didn't know who she was until Ochocinco started flirting with her relentlessly on twitter. lol
  11. She is stunning!

  12. I'm watching it too! She is such a beautiful woman. I would die for her looks. Perfect hair, amazing body, gorgeous face.
  13. I saw Meet The Brown's for the first time last night- she is stunning.