[sofia reveal] it was just meant to be ^_^

  1. [looooooooong post]

    I never thought of owning a 'serious' Ferragamo bag. Strange, as I almost exclusively wear only this brand on my feet. And I just dislike structured bag. So imagine my surprise when upon browsing Reebonz, I kept liking one (and only one) bag, that is Ferragamo Sofia. It just looks so pretty!

    Knowing that I don't want to commit myself to an expensive purchase without ensuring that it's not only a passing fancy, I tried to scour preloved market. Quite difficult, as Sofia (and Ferragamo in general) is not a popular brand for bag. However, one day my favourite seller has a tricolored red Sofia (exactly as the one in purseblog). Am really thinking to buy it, but although red is my fave color, I don't really like colorblocking on Sofia. It makes it look to similar to trapeze Celine, IMHO... The one that haunting me secretly is the one I saw in Reebonz, the nutmeg one.However the price is more than doubled the red one. What to do? what to do?

    Fast forward several weeks later, after a very stressful week at office, another seller had almost exact bag like the nutmeg one. A cream pebbled Sofia. From the picture, it looks very broken in, which made me a bit hesitant to get it. Another problem is that the bag is located in another city, so go-see and cash-on-delivery is not an option. Again, am deliberating whether to get it or not. The price is less than half the nutmeg one (and I just get a Balenciaga City plate last month...).

    I was almost decided to get the cream pebbled one, when my friend inform me that Reebonz is having another sale. After quickly checking, I found out that the NUTMEG is also discounted! Now the price delta between the nutmeg and the broken in cream one is getting narrower, that I am comfortable to get my dream nutmeg now!

    It really feels unreal, getting my dream bag in a good price. I also almost regret purchasing it when I am still waiting for the package to deliver, because I am afraid the 30 cm dimension is too small for my daily need (I assume it will be around the same dimension as speedy 30). Imagine my surprise when it arrives, and all the content of my City can be transferred no problem!!! And I just LOVE how smooshy the top handle and the longstrap are, so comfy on my hand and shoulder!

    Without further ado, let me present my nutmeg...
  2. The actual color is more taupish than the picture
  3. another one
  4. Wow.. that's a beauty! It's a beautiful color and I love the gold hardware. Congrats!
  5. The Sofia is such a classy bag and very well structured. Congrats it's a beauty.
  6. Is that a pink lining I see?
  7. Beautiful Sofia! I love it - congratulations! :smile:
  8. Gorgeous bag! Congrats and enjoy!
  9. thank you, all!

    Yup! the lining is soft fuchsia leather (anemone).

    This is the version WITHOUT zipper. I never knew that they made sofia without zipper! Anyone knows why some has zipper and lock, and others only lock? Is the lock only strong enough for daily use?
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  10. So pretty! And I love it without the zipper.
  11. Thanks! Do you have the non zipper one? How does it wear out? I heard that the zipper inside is to reduce the stress on the lock, so now I am quite cautious with the lock
  12. I had the zipper one with jacquard lining for years, but I never used the zipper. My gancio clasp held up great.
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  13. THANKS A LOT! You really ease my mind. Glad to know your bag and the clasp are holding up well (although I really cant imagine lesser quality from a Ferragamo).
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  14. It's nice with gold hardware, congrats!
  15. thank you :biggrin:
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