Sofia Coppola's beauty cabinet

  1. She photographed it for French Vogue [​IMG]

  2. Humm, not a lot of cosmetics (I was hoping to see what she uses) - more lotions and such.

    Cool photograph though.
  3. That's a lot of probably expired skin care. There's no way she can use all that up before it goes bad. But it's not like she'll have a problem being able to afford more though lol.

    I was hoping to see more makeup as well. I see NARS lipstick at the bottom!
  4. cute picture - i love seeing what everyone uses and has.
  5. yeah, cute, maybe we should start listing the brands ;) I spot Kerastase, BB, Julique (sp?)
  6. Thanks for this pic!Yea cute!
  7. Just how obsessed are we with celebs to wanna see something like this? I agree that it looks like a lot of expired crap and the only thing that peaked my interest was the perfume. And who keeps lipgloss in their medicine cabinet?!
  8. Ah yes - an overcrowded mess! But I have to give the girl kukos for having the best perfume in the world IMO - "Fracas' on the second shelf....:girlsigh::tender::love:
  9. That was interesting. thanks for posting.
  10. Agree...looks like a mess...I just have a drawer I toss mine into...LOL
  11. Thanks for posting. I love seeing people's makeup/cosmetics collections. Especially someone as interesting as Sofia

  12. lol! :tup: :roflmfao:
  13. For me it has nothing to do with being celebrity obsessed, if all the women of tpf posted pics of their medicine cabinet I would look through it. I think its interesting to know what stuff people use and how tidy or messy it is.
    We have threads for whats in your bag, and you could say looking at those pictures is basically looking through other peoples junk, but its still fun to me to see that.
  14. I think most women have an over abundance of cosmetics, skin care/hair care and beauty items in general. I know I do! And I like that she took the pic! Just confirms what we already know, women do spend a lot of money on beauty products!
  15. Oh, she uses my favourite perfume, Olene by Diptyque! Cool :smile: