Sofia Coppola

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  1. I searched and was shocked that there wasn't a style thread about her!! So here we go!!!:biggrin:
    DownloadedFile.jpeg images-4.jpeg images-5.jpeg images-6.jpeg images-7.jpeg
  2. More pics!!:biggrin:
    images-8.jpeg images-9.jpeg images-10.jpeg images-11.jpeg images-12.jpeg
  3. :whistle::whistle:
    images-13.jpeg images-14.jpeg images-15.jpeg images-16.jpeg images-17.jpeg
  4. :whistle:I love her skin! Its perfect!! I would love to know what she does!!:biggrin:
    images-18.jpeg images-19.jpeg images-20.jpeg images-21.jpeg images-22.jpeg
  5. And one day I will own a LV Sofia Coppola bag!!!
    images-23.jpeg images-24.jpeg images-25.jpeg images-26.jpeg sofia_whiteshirt.jpg
  6. Thanks for starting this thread! I'm totally coveting the Sofia bags from LV as well!
  7. I know!! I wish they made the PM version first, I would have bought one instantly!:biggrin:Here is another pic I found on my computer!!:flowers:

  8. Hey Julide,
    Great of you to start this thread....I like her minimalist approach to clothes. It's young and cute!
  9. I love her! She is my idol. To me if you look up cool in the dictionary her picture should appear.
  10. :true::coolio:
  11. Love this woman, she's been my style idol/girl crush for as long as I can remember!

    I always covet the clothes that the characters wear in her movies too. Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson)'s wardrobe from Lost in Translation is definitely one of my favorites.
    Charlotte-lost-in-translation-1041725_800_541.jpg Sofia+Coppola+Sofia+Coppola+Arriving+Excelsior+YBiOMuWZ0cIl.jpg
  12. :smile:
    fxnxQ.jpg sofia-coppola-louis-vuitton-sc-black-alligator-leather-bag-3.jpg sofia-coppola-louis-vuitton-sc-cobalt-calf-leather-bag-4.jpg
  13. :ty:Explorer27 for the pics!!:flowers:I agree the characters in her movies have cool clothes too!! Never thought about that before! I need to find more pics!:biggrin:
  14. Thanks for starting this thread! Love her simple but absolultely chic style! Is there an Aerin Lauder thread?
  15. Your most welcome!:flowers:I don't think there is an Aerin Lauder thread. I think there should be one! I don't really have a huge collection of pictures...will see what I can find tonight!:flowers: