Sofia - A Reveal of My New True Love: LOTS of pics

  1. So, looky who arrived today - all the way from the Nordstrom warehouse in Davenport IA...

    The most beautiful bag ever. :hbeat:
  2. There's a bit of a story here. This bag is a reward for two key milestones - running my first 5K (which will happen on July 14) and for quitting smoking (I've now been smoke free for just shy of 10 weeks). At first, I went with a Balenciaga City in Anthracite - gorgeous color but the leather just seemed too thin and too distressed for that price tag.

    So, I returned the Bal and went on a quest. I landed on this lovely lady and I couldn't be happier. The leather on this bag is un-be-lievable. So incredibly soft and smooshy, right out of the box.

    At first, I was afraid she was going to be too small, compared to the bags I typically carry (Chloe Paraty, RM MAM, AW Rocco, etc.). This gal is surprisingly roomy!

    Here are shots of what fits inside. (I love my Chloe sunglasses but must the case be SOOOO big??) You'll notice that without anything inside, she's one big puddle that can't stand up on her own. {sigh} Love her.
  3. Here are some mod shots. I'm 5' 6" for reference.
  4. Holy cr@p! Those pics are huge - sorry about that. :shame:
  5. And lastly - some shots of the details. I love the hardware and how the gancini is incorporated throughout the details of the bag. I especially love the back exterior zip pocket - so roomy! My phone and key pouch fit perfectly.
  6. Thank you for letting me share. I'm giddy with excitement!! Technically, I was not supposed to start carrying her until AFTER my race on the 14th. My DH is on travel this week and I called and told him "Sorry, babe - but there's no way I'm waiting two weeks to carry this gorgeous pile of leather." I texted him a pic and wonderful guy that he is...he agreed and said I could have a 14 day reprieve. :cool:
  7. It's gorgeous! You've made a good choice. I also just have my sofia in lava color. :smile:
  8. Thanks! I just love this style. And congrats on your Lava Sofia - it is a stunning color!!
  9. :heart::heart::heart:
  10. Your excitement comes right through and is very infectious. I'm smiling, too. Congratulations on Miss Sofia! A most beautiful bag indeed.
  11. Congrats on being smoke free and this gorgeous bag! Enjoy your first 5K and have fun. It's addictive as you will want to go from there to a 26.2 mile :-P
  12. Which size is this? It's gorgeous!
  13. Absolutely stunning!! Congrats on finding the one. Enjoy :smile:
  14. stunning bag! looks great on you :smile:

    what size is this sofia if you don't mind me asking?
  15. I haven't been this excited about a bag since getting my HG Chloe Paraty. Not sure why I waited so long to jump on the Ferragamo train, but I'm a convert!

    Thank you! My first race is in 2 weeks, and I've heard that's the trigger. As soon as I finish that race I'll want to keep training, and next thing you know I'll be doing marathons! I am really enjoying the training - running is such a great stress reliever.

    Thanks so much! This is, I believe, the medium Sophia. It's about 13"W x 9"H x 5" deep. It's narrower at the top, which makes it look deceptively small, but because the bag isn't super structured, there's actually quite a bit of room inside, plus the exterior pocket on the back is basically the size of the entire back of the bag - super convenient!

    Thanks, kings! I'm telling you, this leather is like buttah. Heaven with a handle. :cloud9: