soffiano color transfer

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  1. #1 May 18, 2016
    Last edited: May 18, 2016
    just curious what everyone does to prevent or remove color transfer from their saffiano bags. i have a luggage colored cross body that has jean ruboff on it and baby wipes never worked to remove it. today i bought a pink grapefruit hamilton but I'm scared my jeans will ruin it. i was thinking about getting the MK rain and stain repellent, but was unsure if it works on the saffiano
  2. I have just treated my coral items with the Radley leather protection cloth as I'm worried to death about my jeans ruining my bags. It's too early yet to say if it will work but I'm trying to find a happy medium when using my stuff where I enjoy using them but also am mindful of my jeans rubbing them etc X

    Off to look at that thread now myself 🏻
  3. I took my saffiano blush Ava into the drizzle today without treating her in any way :Push: Zero damage whatsoever, I didn't even pat her dry immediately after. She's definitely rain resistant (not waterproof though!) without additional treatment. I'm a bit worried about colour transfer since she's such a light colour, so I'll use leather cleaner when necessary.