1. Someone did a reveal on the SOFFI earlier this week... I wanted some more details on this bag however, its not on the website?? Did she somehow get one before it was released or before it discontinued?? Any ideas on where to look?
  2. I did a search and maybe it was this reveal:

    I missed this reveal so I'm gonna check it out myself :smile:
  3. That is it! HELP! Lol
  4. I think some of the new bags aren't yet on the website. I know the azur speedy b isn't up yet. Hope that helps.
  5. I've been looking too! and by looking, I mean boarderline stalking the website. I called my SA and they said that it showed as "available" but "zero in stock" so IDK what that means. Hope to see it in person soon!!!
  6. Hi! I got my Soffi on March 1 in Towson, MD. I got one of 2 they had in store. My SA said that most stores only got a few? Who knows when it will make it to the
  7. I tried it on today and I was not impressed. Yes the handle is stiff and the bag goes right into my armpit. I have a delightful and this bag does not slouch like that one. It had a magnetic closure so it doesn't fold down. Ill be passing on this one
  8. IMHO I do not like the way the bag looks. the strap is too bulky for such a plain bag... it's awkward (like the old pegase handles) I will also be passing on this bag.
  9. I saw this bag today in Azur. Does it come in another print?
    Anyway it looked gorgeous in display but I was not sold when I picked it up. It did not slouch

    I didn't play with it much as I saw it at the last minute when I was leaving. But my initial thought was that I wish it were more slouchy
  10. I saw it on Saturday and didn't care for it. It's pretty much the same as the Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Hobo or the Hillier Hobo...IMO it slouches much better in leather.

    I'm still looking for the ultimate azur bag...which might be the Speedy B 25! :graucho:
  11. I'm really happy with the Soffi. It is a nice slouchy hobo, but seems a tad more structured than the delightful (which i like, but reslly wanted a slouchy azur abg and dont love artsy).

    I knew it was a risk, because the handle was initially uncomfortable, but after wearing it for one afternoon, it has already started to relax.
  12. Are you sure you are thinking of the Sofi? I don't think it looks at all like the MBMJ bag above. The one I tried on was very supple and slouched nicely. I'm confused.
  13. Charleston-mom, it is similar to the MBMJ bag, but I don't think they are identical. I am very happy with the bag. Hopefully, if a lot of LVoers hate the Soffi, I won't see it on everyone :smile:
  14. My point with the MJ comparison is that his designs from MJ and MbMJ have found their way into the LV line-up yet again.

    That's exactly true! Different things appeal to different folks--I happen to love the Metis and it's not on the top of everyone's list either. And, the Metis is a variation of one of his other designs too!

    Enjoy your bag! :biggrin:
  15. Luv2Shop, the métis is beautiful and gaining popularity, especially since Angelina Jolie has been wearing it all about town. It métis camer in DA, I would have chosen it over the Soffi. Have you seen the empreinete Metis? AMAZING.