Sofa so good - Hermès soft furnishings fabrics

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  1. #1 Apr 8, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
    Hello everybody

    I just wanted to share my latest Hermès thing in this big foam and feather backrest cushion for the sofa/bench in my 1-bedroom apartment. I also went so far as to source the right Riri zipper (as used by H on their bags and SLG) which sits, concealed, at the side so the cushion can be flipped and rotated any which way and still look seamless.

    I got to see a bunch of the H fabrics, and wallpapers a few months ago and settled on this print which reminded me of H's men's silk ties. Something about the "flat" graphic pattern of this Cheval Pixel fabric creates results in an interesting harmony with the somehow masculine femininity of the Hella Jongerius fabric of the rest of the sofa.

    Just curious as to whether anybody else has been tempted by H fabrics or wallpapers - which I think offer beautiful, timeless options for pretty much any taste.

    Thanks! :smile:

  2. what an awesome piece! Thanks for sharing!! I myself was recently looking at some of the Hermes linens and they are just so rich and beautiful and the artistry is like something I've never seen before. But alas I figured if I was a single lady I could see myself with Hermes linen, but with 2 sticky fingered kids who love to climb in my bed after ice cream I dare not spend that much on sheets! But the fabrics are just amazing so I will live vicariously through your awesome piece:smile:
  3. This is very chic. Where could you get H fabric ? I would like to get some and make some cushions.
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. The fabric is beautiful but the way you put it together really shows what a talent you have with visualisation. I really love that last pic.
  5. Thank you :smile: Some of them are incredibly sumptuous! And if their composition labels and the fabric dealer are to be believed, rather durable and straightforward to maintain (aside from the heavy woven silk, I'm sure). :smile:

  6. What a neat apartment. I love how the patterns are mixed in a variety of colors. My living room accommodates giant leather orange sectionals, though only H inspired.

    I assume the three fabrics hanging are also Hermes? I wonder where these are sourced out.
  7. Thanks! You can either order them through a H store (good luck!) or through fabric dealers who carry Dedar (the current Italian maker of H fabrics). Try their website for your nearest dealer :smile:

  8. Thanks jmzr. Am sure that I save a lot than buying pillows from the H store.
  9. Thanks so much, Jadeite :smile:

  10. Thank you Bevy :smile: A bit of a riot of colours and textures (can you believe the sofa fabric is a single piece of woven fabric, each section having a different composition, weight and hand feel), but it works for me.

    No, not H fabrics on the wall, just some random men's shirt cotton fabric I occasionally use as tablecloths or kitchen aprons.

  11. this is a very nice idea OP. you have an excellent taste for patterns and designs. thanks for sharing the website. :smile:
    if you don't mind me asking may i know how much their fabric cost? (it doesn't show on their website)
  12. absolutely gorgeous, i love your taste/style!!!! very creative, thank you for sharing jmzr!!!
  13. that's lovely! Is it comfortable?
  14. Amazing! Love your style!
  15. Thanks :smile: Pretty comfortable! The seat looks firm – even a little uptight – but is actually fairly soft, and the cushions are all feather, so mould to your body.