Sofa King Banned: What would you do?

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  1. Every time I see a post by someone who's been sofa king banned, I look at their post history. Sometimes it isn't too obvious why they've been banned, though I know it must be for a good reason. Anyway, what would you do if you were banned from the forum? I can't imagine my life without tPF anymore! I'd go into some serious withdrawal! I'd probably end up getting another user name and lurking for the rest of time. Megs, Vlad, mods! I love you guys, please don't ever give me the boot! :crybaby:
  2. Cry :sad: lol...Nah, probably not cry.

    I don't think I'd ever really do anything that would be worth banning me though
  3. I hope I won't get banned, either! :s :lol:

    But I would be sad if I did. :yes: I've enjoyed my time here! :biggrin:
  4. I dunno.... I would probably be REALLY sad... I used to be on MySpace 24/7, but now the PF is my new addiction. [Mainly the LV Forum]
  5. We usually have to delete posts from people that are bad enough to get them banned.
    We ban VERY few people, unless they're the obvious blantant spammers we get everyday.
    If it's a member that been here for a while or has really contributed to the Forum, then there's probably a long list of reasons we'd have prior to banning them. Often, it's things we catch before anyone sees them or behind the scenes issues, like thay had been banned before and came back w/ a new name or something or they're PMing people tring to buy or sell even after being warned to stop.

    I LOVE the community here, for as many of us as there are, I think it's a pretty warm place:heart:
  6. There are so many deverse cultures and ppl here. I hope we're always pleasant and helpful to others without being antagonistic. If I were ever get booted I would seriously be in a grave depression and would hurt myself unintentionally.:crybaby:
  7. I would be SO SAD if I were banned!! I love TPF!!
  8. I'd be devastated, but honestly I would always think twice before posting something questionable ;)
  9. Like Swanky said, getting banned here is for a reason- Vlad and I do not ban just to ban, we are overly generous and give people many chances.

    For the most part, people are banned because they spam the board- they will come and say "XXX replica here" etc. Or they continuously spam their website etc. That is automatic banning- but usually those people never want to be real contributing members here :yes:

    For members who have contributed for a while- we take much more into consideration. Some of these members have been INCREDIBLY nasty to mods or other members- need posts edited constantly- harass via PM. Some have solicited via PM, scammed in the MP, been banned many times and come back, some people WANT to be banned and rather than leave they stay and harass until they have to be banned, etc.

    To get the title Sofa King BANNED under your name takes work- We are reasonable, so no need to walk on egg shells, but we will PM you if there is an issue.

    No worries, you will all be around as long as you'd like, unless you do any of the above excessively!! :smile:

    Nothing but love from me and Vlad, he's a teddy bear when it comes down to it!!!! :heart:
  10. Whew! I appreciate the clarifications, swanky and Megs. I love it here and sometimes think I'll inadvertantly do or write something that isn't within guidelines, and get banned. This is my second home--I'd be so sad if I couldn't "talk" to the members here.:crybaby:
  11. ^^ NO no no no no!!! We will PM members if they have done something wrong and tell them why we edited or deleted etc- members that are not here to spam (spammers are obvious) will always make a few mistakes - (I even have to edit some of my posts!! :amuse:) and we just change it and let them know!!!

    No worries, we are understanding, easy to approach-promise-, and really want everyone to be able to stay here!! :flowers:
  12. I just started my addiction, please dont scare me ... :nuts: :nuts:
  13. I just think the appellation "Sofa King Banned" is hilarious. I laugh every time I see it. Who came up with that?
  14. Vlad decided on it!!!! :roflmfao: I had heard it in a joke a long time ago, but one day- Vlad told me he changed the title for banned users, I just love it!!!
  15. I wouldn't know what to do without tPF. I don't think I would do anything that would ever get me banned. I'm on here constantly, and I seriously have learned sooo much. I love it here. :love: