Sodas.. the good and the bad..

  1. (This is kind of a fitness question? but it's related to 'food' .. if this is more on the fitness side.. please mods move this thread to its rightful place.. ><)

    I've been drinking about 3 or so cans of soda a week lately.. (yes.. I guess that's not a lot? but to me.. i've been trying to cut down on it.. so I try to keep it once a week.. but that's like.. super hard to do..)
    So far this week I've drank 1 coke, 1 sunkist, and 1 diet mountain dew.. and I was wondering.. how BAD is this stuff for you?

    Lately i've been addicted to diet coke.. (that stuff is.. awesome) and I was bored and I did some googling (fun!) and I ran into a bunch of articles about diet coke and how the Aspartame inside it is very-very bad for you in the long run..

    I was wondering what everyone else thought about this?
    Are you a diet coke addict too? Thoughts on Aspartame?
    or.. If your just a regular soda drinker.. what do you drink/how much.. and what your thoughts on it..

  2. I'm in the line of people that believe artificial sweeteners are potentially harmful, but a lot of people tend to disagree. Especially corporations that produce the sweetener, they are doing everything in their power to make you believe it is safe. I do not drink soda, as I don't consume processed foods and especially not foods that contain HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), which is almost worse (to me) than consuming the aspartame. On very rare occasion I'll consume a sweetened carbonated beverage but only if it uses a natural sweetener, like cane sugar, and nothing artificial. But any way around, sodas are loaded with sugar; one is essentially drinking candy when they drink soda. I believe there are much healthier alternatives if you can ween yourself off soda. When I pulled myself off, I almost completely stopped getting headaches, which amazed me. I switched to plain ice water, water with cucumber in it, and Raw Milk. Iced tea sweetened with honey and lemon on occasion also. I honestly felt better once I stopped drinking it, and my figure thanked me too (all those calories from sugar are evil, lol) It was hard to stop drinking it, but once I did I had zero cravings or desires to pick up the habit again :yes:
  3. I know that artificial sweeteners are bad for me, but that still does not keep me from drinking 6-8 Diet Dr Peppers a day!! I know, I am totally out of control!!
  4. i think last year i saw a news article about a lady who drank a coke a day until she died at the age of over 100.

    i love pop... i don't think i could ever give it up... i cut myself down to about 2-3 cans a week which is usually only on the weekends but sometimes i crave it... i prefer it even over any alcoholic drink
  5. Neeya, I totally agree about HFCS being as bad (no, actually I feel it's worse) than non calorie sweeteners. I have banned it from my house and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my migraines and Lil Max's migraines. HFCS is in everything and it's been a challenge eliminating it. I know I get some when I'm out, even my beloved Vodka Tonics have it.

    I do still drink the occasional diet coke and every blue moon the Mexican Coke with pure cane sugar. I really should banish all soda from my diet.
  6. It was a challenge to eliminate them completely in my home also! Essentially I tried to finish off the last of the normal grocery stuff in the house, didn't buy groceries for three or so weeks, then just dumped everything in the house and replaced it all with organic/natural/corn product free food, largely whole unprocessed foods; natural foods assure me that there is no junk hiding in my cabinets! :yes: I used to get a migraine about once or twice a week on my old diet. Now, I'll get one or zero a month, and those rare few are usually related to my contacts/eye issues. Plus I have WAY more energy (and I'm not a huge/heavy exerciser, so it wasn't change in physical fitness that did it).
  7. I love diet coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm hooked on Izze soda! fruit juice and bubbly water. Its still sugary, but its just the fruit sugar (none added, I think) I'm not really sure- I just like it because its not sticky sweet like regular soda- I like the tartness of the grapefruit and pomegranate ones
  9. I do not drink sodas at all, only some diet seven up or sprite when my belly is upset, sodas are not good at all, they give you cavities, makes you eat more (believe it or not), etc. They are tasty, especially during summer but I try to make jamaica, ice tea or lemonade.
  10. If you drink it, use a straw so that the acid doesn't ruin your teeth.
  11. I think that any type of soda, regardless if it is regular or diet, caffeinated or caffeine free, has coloring or colorless (Coke vs Sprite) is bad for your health. Have you ever seen what happens to a penny when immersed in Coke/Pepsi for a few minutes...just imagine that happening to your body.

    I have also eliminated soda from my diet and the only time that I drink soda is if I am eating pizza (which is also rare for me). Pizza and soda just go so well together.

    Just replace your soda with ice water, your waistline and skin will thank you for it.