Socoley Bags. Anyone own one?

  1. I came across these on a whim and if anyone owns one or what you guys think of them? I love the gold flower detail....:heart:

    Socoley | Home
  2. I don't know this brand but I am loving this bag!!!!

  3. I love this clutch with the slot for your hand!

  4. My favorite is the clutch too. I also like the entire bubble bag collection...

    All the colors are pretty season less, and I'm not sure which one I like best. The cream/black distressed caught my eye though. Opinions on color?

    Thanks for the feedback ladies ;)
  5. Sorry-they're not my favorite-the colors are really drab-especially with spring coming up; and for an unknown brand-they are very pricey! Just my opinion...:confused1:
  6. I have seen Socoley bags! Oh my goodness! I havent seen anything so new and refreshing in forever! My friends sister has the small bubble bag and she LOVES it! And my cousin carries the Socoley Bucket bag like everyday! I cant wait to see more. I found them on myspace. So awesome. really talented designer
  7. SO AWESOME. nothing like it... I think we've found something REALLY special.. I saw spring stuff on there myspace. I emailed them and they said there new line will be up very soon. So Hot. I heard they are already getting knocked off!