Socks for flats

  1. Does anyone know where I can get socks for ballet flats? I have some "no show" socks but they're still too high that they do show when I wear ballet flats.
  2. ummm, like with pants i wear knee high pantyhose
  3. ^
    I think those are good suggestions and I keep a drawer full of the No Nonsense ones on hand. I also wear sheer knee-highs.
  4. Someone on The Fashion Spot mentioned that the Gap has them too.
  5. I bought mine in Tokyo, but I have heard that you can even get some at discount stores (like Target, I guess)
  6. I wear the sheer knee highs too.
  7. How is the toe seam on these? I have a whole rant planned on the dearth of this kind of thing in diabetic flavor, which essentially means a toe seam that is either non-existent or done so that it does not cause friction. There is a raging need for this, I can't tell you how many times I have wished for some simple "peds" as they used to be called, so I don't have that little oh-so-alluring ruffle of sock peeking up over my Keds!
  8. Hue makes ballet socks-- I got mine at Macy's--they had several colors, white, nude, black
  9. Yup, I was just going to recommend these too. They even have one style that has little silicone pads inside the heels to prevent slipping. I'm pretty sure Bloomingdale's carries Hue too.
  10. i saw some at the Gap a couple of days ago. i think they had different colors as well.
  11. *Resurrecting this thread since I'm having the same problem right now*

    does anyone have any other suggestions???
  12. Wow! Thanks a lot for the info.
  13. I've never found any that don't show with ballet flats. I either put Footpetals in my shoes or wear the sheer knee hi's.
  14. I wear knee high tights or sock-style tights. Sheer or slightly dark.