Sock Boots❤️

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  1. Please merge if there is a thread on this already.
    May I just say, I love sock booties! I had a very serious foot injury and never thought I would wear heels again. Believe me, I rival Imelda Marcos in the heel department!

    I got my first pair of sock booties from the Nordstrom Anniversary a couple of years ago. I have yet to wear them since they are still a tad bit high due to my injury.

    But, I did find a few Stuart Weitzman sock booties that I just ordered. Two patent leather pair and suede pair. I am not sure about a blush colored patent boot, but they are returnable. I can’t wait to get them in. I plan to wear them under my skinny jeans, instead of wearing boots over my skinny jeans.

    Please post pictures of your outfits with sock. I am now obsessed with them because of the comfort level!
  2. D1D08819-08D5-4299-BD6D-BE757171E3A2.jpeg BC090681-17D4-4DA5-9AAE-30400952BA0C.jpeg 4B16D6F2-4421-49D2-BE55-830072F27D7A.jpeg Here are the booties I ordered
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  3. I LOVE SOCK BOOTIES TOO!!! I just wore mine the other day...I like to wear them with black leggings and bc the booties are close to the leg I pull the leggings over them to create a monochrome leg...It really elongates the leg for sure...Congrats!!! I have open toe ones too for summer :smile:
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  4. I've been wearing my black NAS ones from last year and it's been so easy with the ankle length straight leg jean trends, and right into Fall with my cropped suits. Never any blisters, stretches when my feet swells, and low maintenance.

    I've already invested in a designer, open toed version, and will be getting another black closed toe version since I've worn the NAS ones to death. I've heard good things about SW sock booties so will keep eye out during sale season.

    Highly recommend them, even if you can only wear a kitten heel, I think the thinner heel adds to the slimming look.
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  5. Sock booties sound like a great idea following foot injury or surgery :idea::tup:
    I had a minor foot injury (broken big toe) that healed but it’s left some pain behind so I’ve been radically overhauling my shoe collection too. Hadn’t considered sock booties though.
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  6. I had major injuries to my foot. My baby toe is jacked. But with the sock booties, there is no pressure on that area. I just got a pair by Charles David with the lower heel, but waiting on the Stuart Weitzman. I love SW’s!
  7. Let’s see the open toe booties!
  8. Ouch that doesn’t good about your little toe!
    I’m looking for no pressure on the big toe joint. Definitely going to try an SW pair because I’ve had a great experience with my comfy suede SW Lowlands.
  9. 3rd day in a row wearing them.
  10. Yes
  11. Those look awesome on you! Instead of ordering all these SW’s, I should just wear what I have! I have the Leith in black and red.
  12. You totally should, but only if it doesnt hurt or make your injury worse.

    Something else to note, I'm not very careful with these and so the fabric has one or two nicks just like a sweater with a pull. I'm sure other sock booties that have thicker or more stronger woven fabrics may fare better. I try to fix them, but up close you can tell. The other thing is that the bottom does not grip well so they can be slippery...I'd never wear these in the snow. I didn't add rubber soles on them bc they were pretty cheap. I plan on wearing them until the bottom is pretty worn.
  13. Thanks for the tips!
    I am hoping one of the SW suede pair will work as far as aesthetics and heel height. I buy cheap grips to put on the soles of slippery shoes. I purchase them at Target and it really helps to prevent slipping. I only put rubber soles on my expensive shoes.
  14. Just got a pair today and I’m so excited to wear them. Love hearing all the positive feedback here!