Socially Unhygienic People

  1. so I dont really dont know how to start this thread but there are a couple of people in my high school who are unhygienic...I dont mean to sound rude but I think at the age of 16...a teenager should be able to look after themself. For example there is a girl and she gets called alot, I myself have never called her because I dont agree with bullying but she is very unhygienic and smells...she doent brush her teeth, she has leg hair, armpit hair and she doesnt wash her hair much. She is a nice enough girl and I allways say hello but at 16...isnt it time to start taking care of yourself. You can get soap and razors very chaep so I just can understand why ?...when she spends enough on food and crisps and sweets. I really cant understand. Im very fortunate but if in her situation..I would try my best to stay clean.
  2. Maybe she has different priorities than you and doesn't really care? Maybe she doesn't have a job and can't afford certain necessities?
  3. I was going to start a thread similar to this. I work with a male who is 21, and has horrible hygiene. Not only does his breath smell horrid, but it's just his whole body! Like it comes out of his pores or something. Sometimes it's so bad, I can't even stand to talk to him. The whole work talks about it. I feel bad..

    Are we supposed to say something?I would not want to make him cry. He has a boyfriend, I don't know how he doesn't say something..
  4. I just dont know what we should do. The girl I know can afford to keep clean but just doesnt choose too, she spends far too much money on sweets and food. But her body hair is disgusting, its very long and I would think a girl of 16 would want to look her best. I understand your situation, sometimes I feel sick standing next to her. :sad:
  5. I think in such a case you should give the person an anonymous note. I wouldn't know exactly what to put in that
    I think people like this sometimes get used to their own 'smell' and really don't think they smell at all. ICK!
    Perhaps if you are close enough you can have a private conversation with them about it over lunch or something.
    Also, you can just give them a nice gift basket filled with toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, towels, soap, soap, shampoo, razors.....more soap. Perhaps there is a way you can give this to them in the case of the lady with the co-worker---perhaps you can leave it on his desk anonymously before he gets to work or when he leaves his desk?? If he doesn't get that hint then it means he just doesn't care.

    I'm glad I'm not in your situations....I'd have to say something.....LOL
  6. The most frightening thing would be to get too drunk and wake up in such a persons home 11 am...

    I wouldn't tell, but rather stay away. I think it's often due to bad upbringing, parents should tell their children if they stink and teach them good hygiene. It's an important part of good upbringing, or even a decent one.
  7. The unfortunate thing is this girl probably hasn't been raised to appreciate proper hygeine, nutrition, etc. She also may be just a bit happy that she's an outcast if she has really low self-esteem and doesn't want other people to associate with her. Maybe the best thing would be for you to bring this up with an administrator at your school. Perhaps you could offer to make a gift basket, as suggested above, but let the school give it over to her. That way it would be less insulting. It's a hard line to walk because, as you said, you don't want to be a bully, but at the same time your efforts to help her out could be seen by her as an attack. It might be easier for her to take instruction from an authority figure rather than a peer.
  8. maybe she's depressed?
  9. she has quite a large group of friends who are similar to her but she is one of the worst. Lots of guys in my year ask her out just for a laugh :sad: its really sad because she says yes. All the girls come out the changing rooms with stories about her greasy long under arm hair...its very sad. I just think that she must see the other girls in my year looking good...if it was me then I would try to maybe learn from them. There is one girl (not smelly or scruffy at all) and she tried to help the girl but then the girl came in the same.
  10. Sometimes people don't blossom by 16. Or ever. She may be one of them.

    It sounds more like it's these guys and girls who make fun of her all the time who need a talking to, rather than the unhygeinic girl. I doubt she's doing any of you harm.
  11. ^^Yep.
    I agree that perhaps if you have a nurse at the school one student could go talk with the nurse and express your concerns. People usually exhibit the habits they grew up with, her parents may not be clean, they, or she may be mentally ill, and she may not know how to clean properly. Or, her parents may be abusive and not allow her to shower and clean, I know it is hard to believe. Also, there is an odd neurological thing we sometimes see in super bright engineers/scientists which is that their frontal lobe (the social area, to be non technical) is not quite as developed as the other areas, and the result is that they are totally unaware of their hygiene/dress. I once had a patient sent to me by an aerospace company, the patient was a highly valued genius scientist. He literally wore the same thing to work each day and did not wash. I had to teach him "activities of daily living" such as showering, clean clothes, etc. He finally "got it".
    Please approach this situation with kindness, and be grateful you are not in her shoes.
  12. From what you've said, it sounds like she's aware that she's not the cleanest person out there, but doesn't want to change.

    As others have said, maybe she's depressed. Maybe something horrible happened to her when she was younger and she wants to keep men away from her. People who have had something awful happen to them sometimes do stuff like that.

    I'm pretty sure in this day and age with all the ads for soaps, shampoos & toothpaste out there, she's aware that she's not hygenic. It sounds like she's made the decision to be that way. It's not a lifestyle, I'd chose, but if it's what she wants, what can you do?
  13. As others mentioned -
    Maybe she battles with depression and thats why she spends her money on food... and instead of people helping her they are only fueling the fire and making her feel worse about herself.
  14. WOW, this just TOTALLY EXPLAINED my ENTIRE college experience!
  15. I think there's nothing you can do about the situation, especially b/c another girl has tried to help her. I can understand how some people don't know that they smell, but if she has long armpit hair as well as body hair she has to know she has a problem and doesn't care. I know this is highly unlikey, but maybe her parents don't allow her to shave. I secretly started shaving when I was 12 and my mom found out when i was 15 and she started yelling at me and saying i was too young. I was like woman are you CRAZY???.... so maybe her parents are nuts, but it's probably that she doesn't care. I'm sure she'll start taking care of herself once she likes a boy or when she goes to college and has to live with other people.