Socialites & their Hermès!!!!

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  1. actually i am sure those bags are not fake per say i most cases inspired and not neccesarily cheaper. there are reputable brands out there (ferragamo, comtesse etc) who have kelly or birkin inspired shapes in their permanent collection
    why they do not buy H well that is something only they know but if they are happy with their choices i am happy too
  2. Re: Socialites and fakes. I think probably not all of the socialites are necessarily into designer bags and knowing what is what. So like lilach said, they buy something they like, expensive or non-expensive, and it happens to look like Hermès, KWIM? This of course does not apply to all of them, but some.
  3. Now I'm completely confused. I would have bet my last dollar that these were Hermes bags. Even now they look like it to me. :nuts:
  4. Annabelle Mariaca is a friend of mine and I am sure that her bag is Hermes.
  5. ^^^
    which one of the lovely ladies is Annabelle Mariaca?

  6. Not the one on the picture !

    It is a Kelly-like bag made of most probabely genuine crocodile skin, but it is nothing Hermes.

  7. The lady with the pale color Kelly is Annabelle.
  8. thank you:smile:
  9. i´m not sure if this has been posted before?!

    coleen rooney

  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]

    Thanks for posting!!
    She has been watching VB.
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