Socialites & their Hermès!!!!

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  1. Here some pics of real lady carrying birkins!! Among them is Valesca Geurrand Hermes. She's carrying the purple birkin.
    06AL_BurchandGuest2.jpg 06AL_Mortimer.jpg 1VGuerrandHermes_030206_1.jpg 51304641.jpg 51304646.jpg
  2. More pics.
    51611719.jpg 55390664.jpg ATischJSabbadiniSBarnett_04.jpg DSC_4643.jpg JMendelGroup6_030904.jpg
  3. Socialites!!!!
    RRoyHChristensen_020706.jpg VGHermes_030904.jpg VHermesMFNetto_021104.jpg
  4. Not fair, I want one! :sad2:
  5. Helen Schifter & her fabulous hermes collection.
    51300565.jpg 52148494.jpg 52159704.jpg 55390411.jpg 55402208.jpg
  6. Post more pics ladies.
  7. Ewww...some of those socialites looked downright scary. Too much botox or something.
  8. :lol: ...that's what I was thinking....after I wiped the drool off my mouth! Damn...those bags are beautiful! Thanks for the pics Femina!
  9. Is the color of that blue Birkin Thalassa Blue? I think I might like it better than BJ , one doesn't see it around as much..
  10. Beautiful pictures! I love those bags :love: I'll check out more of them when my cable internet comes back...there was an explosion outside (not sure from what), and now i'm on dialup....BLEH!
  11. Don't you wonder how many bags Valesca has? I wondered that a while back.
  12. Thanks for the pics!!
  13. Thanks for letting us take a peak at these beautiful bags!
  14. I wonder what they paid more for....the bag or the botox?
  15. I was thinking the same thing!!!:nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.