Socialites and their Hermes

  1. May I know what color is the Kelly? Is it Amber?
  2. Tamara Ecclestone:
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  3. Miroslava Duma with a Cityback 27
    (great that she’s carrying a bag for men)
    43E5D299-D756-43E2-BD33-5D46A5AD4D73.jpeg EF7EC527-3B48-42DF-98AF-6E24CF44800A.jpeg

    And a 2002

  4. Yeah I think so :flowers:
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  5. @lunadecasanova from instagram

  6. FA8116AE-B3E7-4093-8790-E8AC2F5824E3.jpeg C022829D-81B1-4823-999E-FA666B56CBD8.jpeg

    Mira Duma and her Airsilk
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  7. I was going to say the same thing! this is def one of the cases of the bag wearing her. I do like her style tho.
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  8. Mira Duma with what looks like a Sac a Depeches Light
  9. Some offerings from Paris Fashion Week:


  10. Milan Fashion week:

  11. Does anyone know if the last one a 22 or 18? TIA
  12. I love her short suit. It looks like she hacked a pant suit!:supacool:
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  13. Darja Barannik (blogger)
    BEConstance.jpg ConstanceBE.jpg HermesBags.jpg MiniKellyIIa.jpg DarjaBarannik.png

    And two different people spotted with Kelly Mini II from fashion week.
    KellyMiniII.png MiniKellyII.jpg
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  14. CSGM spotted from fashion week
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