Socialites and their Hermes

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  1. Anyone carrying an H around town would look glamorous, no doubt.
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  2. Agreed !! :P
  3. J'adore!!!! What size and spec is this anyone knows?
  4. Gah! I want that pink coat! Anyone know who makes it?
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  5. I’m sorry if this has been posted or asked but does anyone know the size of Roxys Kelly? Is it a 25?
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  6. Looks like a 32
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  7. Looks like a 28 sellier to me. She is very petite so of course it looks bigger.
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  8. Amanda Cronin
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  9. Nicky Hilton IMG_7033.jpg
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  10. Celeste barber of instagram

  11. Looks like it.
  12. So Glamorous and in comfortable shoes, love it.
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  13. Looks like a 25
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  15. Prince Pelayo / Pelayo Díaz