Socialites and their Hermes

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  1. ^^^ I love the rolled up (?) mini (?) tan briefcase/pouchette the man on the right is holding.
  2. I'm back under the bed. With bonbons.
  3. Do you notice that all her birkin's are squished into cubicles too small for the bags. It pains me to see this . . .
  4. Lisa Boone attends ESCADA and VOGUE celebrate the new Escada store opening with Alexandra Lebenthal and Yaz Hernandez in NYC 2012-10-18 bfanyc
    MV4C0199.jpg MV4C0207.jpg
  5. June Ambrose
  6. Oh no, now I'm scared I'm storing mine wrong. I wanted to ask, how do you keep your handle perfectly straight? Carrying it on one arm or the other, I notice that the handle will skew one way or another?
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    My pleasure.:smile:
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  8. Seriously, this ladies name is Muffie Potter Aston?:p
  9. :roflmfao: @ the expression of the lady in the first pic!
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  11. These two! What fun . . . Looks like they're playing dress-up, but strangely, I also think they look terrific.
  12. Too much plastic surgery perchance?
  13. I didn't want to admit that, but yes, it's very likely that's the cause :p
  14. Thank you so much dear jula!:hugs: Pretty!!!
  15. LOL! I KNOW, Suzie, can you IMAGINE a more perfect socialite name? Her husband is a very, very, (very,) successful plastic surgeon in Manhattan.
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