Socialites and their Hermes

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  1. Love everything but the shoes!
  2. I'm dead! Lol
  3. On FB - search for her name & one of them has 2 visible pics - one of which is a similar fashion pic (the other is her puppy)
    On IG, she's listed under her twitter name.

  4. Her face? Too much of everything!
  5. ILML is still active in the socialite scene except her choice of bags are usually non-H for now. She's very stylish, one of the most stylish women better than Miroslava Dumas (sorry to all Miroslava fans).:smile:

    :hugs: Apparently, she dressed up for New York socialites so perhaps NY socialites here may know her. I'm glad she's not my stylist.

    In St. Tropez, @Cannes Film Festival and in New York
    548926_10151825705710260_1771815135_n.jpg 2.jpg Be2.jpg
  6. Omgd. You checked everything?
  7. LOL you are spot on. Don't take her to a candle-lit dinner or a barbeque, she might melt.
  8. I was away for the weekend, and was reading but unable to post. When I read this I thought it was so lovely. You are a doll for posting this TT!

    mlemee - thank you for posting! It has been fun following the discussion, and I'll take fashion ideas from anyone who wants to put herself out there.

    Ah, Sweden - that explains it. A Nordic country put here for the main purpose of making 90% of the world's women feel rotten about themselves. (and BTW - do you have a dragon tattoo?)

    OMG too funny. Love it! :lol:
  9. Mlemee-KEEP POSTING! I love this. You're making my day. And these pics-potentially breaking the bank.
    But really, I love looking at beautiful people, beautiful places and beautiful things--and these pics have all three, so thank you.
    I may not be tall, skinny or wealthy, but a girl can dream, yes?
  10. I do not think we should post people´s actual names here.

    Keep posting mlemee, I love looking at pretty pictures with beautiful colours even if some of what´s shown is not for me. I try not to discriminate (too much).
  11. I agree with the above.

    And yes THANK YOU mlemee for the pictures. Same sentiment as above, regardless of personal preferences, it is great to see how ladies from various parts of the world rock their Hermes.

    I appreciate the efforts of EVERY ONE who takes the time to post pictures here. Thank you ladies :flowers:
  12. In Equipment shirt, Eddie Borgo choker and J Brand denim w/Etoupe Epsom Constance + Silver CDC Ring.
    939ac8fcf65a11e1984522000a1e8b94_7.jpg 049dcc3cf6c111e1b39e22000a1c3278_7.jpg
  13. Giambattista Valli top, Rag and Bone pants with Christian Louboutins + SO Black w/Louis Vuitton charms
    69dfdecaf5f711e18c8422000a1c8679_7.jpg 23745250f5dd11e1a8ab22000a1e957a_7.jpg
  14. Love the H bag and the Chanel cuff, but nothing more...
  15. Now that we know who she is (someone posted her name a few pages back), do we know what she does for a living? Does she work or is she simply a businessman's wife?
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