Social security card...what was my boss doing?

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  1. I recently re-enrolled in direct deposit at work, using the same payroll company as before. I got married this summer, so my last name is different, but all the rest of my info is the same.

    Yesterday, my boss asked to see my ss card because "something was wrong with your numbers in the system." He told me he was going to fax a copy of my card to our corporate office. When I handed him my card though, he took out his cell phone and went outside to his car. When he came back in, he handed my card right back to me and walked away. My other boss came in right after that, so I asked her what he might have been doing, and she told me she had no idea, and also stated that our store doesn't even have a fax machine!

    Does anyone know what he might have been doing?? What should I do about this? I hope I'm not being too paranoid here, but his behavior was very suspicious!
  2. ?? Dodgy! Report to police?

    You're not paranoid, it would be very normal to react that way by the way...
  3. Maybe he did not know there was no fax machine and had to call it in. But either way I would ask him - I would say something like - " I hate to give personal info over cell phones - like cc or my ssn, so I couldn't help but notice you walk back in after having my ssn, did by chance you give it over the phone? Probably nothing will happen, but I am very protective in the age of ID theft, etc, etc. I hope you understand"....see what he replies with - he can't be mad with you protecting yourself.
  4. I would be paranoid too, do what purrrfect said and see how he responds perhaps?
  5. super sketchy.............
    i didn't know bosses dealt with incorrect numbers in the system. isn't that HR's job? and how would you have even been officially hired without a correct SSN in the system...??
  6. It does sound strange...but it may be legit...

    You need to replace your SS card. The IRS, in conjunction with homeland security is now checking all card names and numbers through payroll.

    About 4 years ago I got a very ominous letter from the IRS saying my name had been flagged as suspicious, as my name of record (according to social security) didn't match the IRS/banking information. It took me about 6 weeks and 2 visits to the social security office to straighten it out.
  7. Not necessarily. If it is a small company the boss himself/herself is responsible for these matters. At my old office I was responsible for my payroll and social security matters. Perhaps he was calling the accountant?
  8. I'm paranoid about my SSN too, so I don't blame you for being concerned. Everyone asks for the # and it's not necessary most times. Recently a beauty salon wanted my SSN--um, no you're not getting it. I usually leave the question blank on paperwork where it's possible to do so (non-banking or medical situations).

    I don't know what else to tell you except if you have credit cards, keep a close eye on the statements for several months; also any checking accounts, etc. It's valuable to ID thieves.
  9. whoa. thats a bit weird to me. no one has ever asked for my card/# and unless they are human resources, I don't believe they are allowed to ask for it. every boss I've had has never asked for the number and if they needed it for some reason, asked me to give it to HR or call it in to someone, etc.
  10. That sounds strange. I would ask your boss about it! I am very careful with my american SSN. To get my grants for school I have to turn in old tax returns from the states and my bank statements to prove that I don't have a bazillion dollars stashed away ;) ...I always blacken out my SSN
  11. very strange. ask him to explain.
    and get the new ss card with your new married name ASAP! if your name is flagged due to the different names attached to your ss number some states will not even renew your drivers license. it is a huge mess. it happened to a friend of mine when the IRS found the name discrepancy over the 20 years she has been married. she never changed her name on her ss number. very similar to twinkle.tink's story. it was a major time-consuming debacle with a capital 'D'.
  12. Can you call HR at Corporate and ask them?

    FYI; NEVER let your SS card out of your sight. Some employers will require a copy of it to comply with Federal regulations (I9 Form), but all they need is a copy, never the original.
  13. Corporate HR might of mixed up the numbers & he was on the phone verifying them, comparing your card. HR would of got notice from the SS office something was funny with your numbers. SS office doesn't find these problems immediately. It is odd he went into his car, but maybe he was multitasking & was out there for something else?

    We are a small company & I handle the HR duties. If this happened in our office, would have no problem telling you what happened to ease your mind. See no problem with you asking.
  14. Whoah!!!!!! I would never FAX my SS card anywhere. Are you kidding me? I wouldn't show my SS number to anyone, except maybe to the IRS. I hope you are following up on this.
  15. ^Even the IRS won't ask for it (I work for the IRS) - we already get SSN and name matches from SSA.