social networking sites

  1. Nop, but I'm open to invitations!!! :girlsigh: Some of those sites I didn't even know existed... I guess I'm not "jetsetter" enough :crybaby: (I'm trying my best, though!!)
  2. wow I've never heard of any of those.....what kind of students are on Facebook?? are they open to new appicants??


    Go to the site and see your college is represented. They are still expanding to add more schools....
  4. there are alot of these starting to pop up
  5. Just myspace and facebook for me, I dont use either much though.
  6. I have myspace and facebook. I really only use them to keep in contact with my friends.
  7. i have myspace and friendster. i use the latter to contact my friends.
  8. Yes.

    In regards to the "jetsetting" sites, I think it's because asmallworld is doing so well so venture funds are trying to capitalize on that moneyed international crowd.
  9. I am on Myspace so I can keep in touch with all of my friends from back home. The only other site I had heard of was Facebook.
  10. I'm a college student, so I'm addicted to facebook... but I really dislike myspace, even though everyone I know (literally..EVERYONE) is on it.
  11. i think every undergrad kid in my school is on facebook.
    if you go around the computer lab, you will see that everyone ahs facebook page up.
  12. I absolutely LOVE facebook.. it's amazing!! And it's a super convenient way to invite ppl to parties, check who's in your classes, etc.. it's a godsend!! :heart:
  13. I had facebook for an hour and got rid of it. I refuse to give in to myspace. I have my blog and that's as good as it's gonna get.