Social Etiquette !

  1. How do you pick a restaurant or social activity in circles that involve varying incomes ?
  2. Well, it has just happened recently that we can now afford to go to a little better restuarants than we used to. If we are in the company of friends who cannot afford the type we can, then I will always suggest a lesser restuarant. I would never ever want to make my friends feel uncomfortable or anything like that.

    If it were us who couldn't afford that certain type of restuarant, then I would have no problem saying, "Do you think we could downgrade that just a little?" If their your friends, they should react in the same way!
  3. ^^ And can I just add that I love your posts like this!! You always come up with these great questions!! Wish I thought like that!!
  4. I'm not going to go to The Ivy if my friend doesn't have Ivy money. I would much rather go to TGI or even Mcdonalds rather than put my friend out. Unless I decide to treat and that would only be rarely as to not make my friend feel like I'm always taking care of the bill.
  5. I always pick a less expensive restaurant as a rule, so that nobody will have any complaints. Planning a get together is tough enough already when its more than 2 persons. LOL.
  6. Thank you, tr444. :shame:
  7. I ask where they want to go. Asking them for several options gives me a chance to know what they're looking into eating and what they're willing to pay.
  8. If I want to go to a better restaurant, I just suggest it and then pick up the check.
  9. same. especially if it was my idea to get together in the first place.
  10. I'm ready for Pradasmeadow's talk show!! :yes:

    To answer the question, it's all about compromise and variety. I would never suggest something way out of someone else's reach unless I was treating.
  11. Ditto. Most of my friends are still students and therefore, we usually pick restaurants well within their means. More upmarket places are once a year or my treat.
  12. :yes:
  13. Most of the time we pick a lesser restaurant, but once in a while I suggest a better restaurant and I pick the tab. I guess the most impt thing is everyone has to feel comfortable.
  14. Depending on the group, I will either pick up the check- or I will downgrade. Many of my friends are still young and broke, so it can be hard- typically just Vlad and I wine and dine with each other :blush:
  15. If we go out as a group, we decide as a group... so if someone said that's way to expensive, we just go somewhere else!