Social "Correctness"

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  1. You know what really bothers me about this board and many others? It's the "correctness" format that they all go by. They enforce us to be "proper" by social standards. Why can't I or anyone else express what they really feel? Why is everything must be "polite". Sometimes honesty hurts but it doesn't take away from the truth. And though someone else's opinion might be untrue it is yet their opinion. So why should the moderator decide it was "rude"? Sometimes I feel this world is slowly turning into a police "state". I don’t think that enough people noticed it yet but it is becoming like a prison in which you can't speak your mind without being shut up by those who disagree with your conduct or your point of view. It makes me sick to my stomach to see some people trying to be polite according the social standards. But modern social standards are based on superficiality in a first place and thus it becomes all too fake, all too artificial. It's like telling someone they are beautiful when you really think they are “butt ugly”. It begs the question - where are we heading as a society? Are you willing to lose your individuality? Are you willing to become a mindless zombie to those in control?
  2. Reserving my seat at the coronation of the new Sofa King.
  3. word!
  4. girl, u know u wrong. lol.

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  5. Stanislav being polite in no way means you can't be honest. It is possible to do both. You don't have to be blunt and hurtful to get your point across in an honest and straightforward way.
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    I don't think the MODS are making this place in to a "jail" like atmosphere, but they would like everyone to play nice while they are here. It's much better then having people run amok and spewing fire at every single comment/story/picture that they disagree/dislike. Its a choice to be here and while your here they are just asking to word things in a polite way or if its that horrible of a comment - just bite your tongue and click onto another thread that doesn't agitate you so much.

    They want this place to be a fun light hearted forum where people from all over can come together and obsess about bags/shoes/clothes etc etc and enjoy the company of others who have the same joy as they do when the FedEx guy comes with a package from Saks.
  7. I have noticed a very steep decline in social values for the past 10 years. People are indeed becoming mindless. Their world-view is frightening at times. Notice the arrogance and carelessness of young people. I am not even surprised at the large increase of suicides for the past 10 years. Mental illness is rampant this days in every corner of the world.
  8. In one word - manners!
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    Mental illness is one thing, being polite is another. One does not correlate to the other.

    There is a difference between not speaking our mind POLITELY and speaking your mind in a way that is brash rude and un called for.
  10. Also, there are tons of forums that don't have such strict rules. I have stumbled upon forums that allow straight up cage match name-calling, mud-slinging, etc.... One great thing about the internet, there's something out there for everyone. Maybe you could try to find a forum that is more in keeping with your views on freedom of expression.
  11. Wow, that's kind of depressing. I see being polite as the way of the world. If you are rude, even in real life, you will be alienating yourself. You can stand up for what you believe and be assertive while still being nice. You have the freedom to be rude and say whatever you want, but that freedom doesn't take away the natural consequences of what you say. For instance, you have the freedom to cuss out your boss, but don't be surprised if he fires you. So you can be honest and rude, but don't be upset when people don't applaud you for it.

  12. I disagree with you and here is why. I like to be blunt with people because I believe it is more important to be blunt then being polite (fake). Look at the what British "correctness" done to their country while they are overrun by religious zealots who are taking over their country. We people have been too "polite" for too long about so many things. People don't speak up against anything anymore. Just like you said 'but they would like everyone to play nice while they are here'. To play nice? You got to be kidding me! To play nice is to play by someone else's rules. To play by someone elses rules is to give up your liberty, your freedom. People of this world have lost too much of their freedom since 911. So much has changed and CHANGE is coming I assure you this but only for the worse.
  13. I'm just going to sit back and watch this...:couch:
  14. It's a rule system. We don't own these boards- and the people that do own them have the right to lay down rules to their liking. If you don't like those rules, then you don't need to stay here.

    Sometimes I do get bummed that we can't discuss politics, but I understand why Vlad & the other mods don't want to allow it.
  15. :Push:

    Interesting unofficial tPF fact: This post holds the record for the number of forum rules broken in a single paragraph. I know that doesn't mean much to OP though.
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