SoCal went to the trunk show

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  1. SoCal went to the trunk show today.
    Are you back yet?
    What did you play with?
    Need I get D-Teddy over to your place?
  2. c'mon tell!!
  3. I never see her in here anymore :cry:
  4. SoCal.......inquiring minds need to tell!!
  5. i want to know too! i missed the local trunk show bc i had to be at work.
  6. She is hiding out in the H-sub.....
  7. I am embarrassed to answer. All you girls are so well versed in the names, numbers and sizes and I only have a bit of a clue. I buy what I think is beautiful but do not always know the names of the bags. BUT I did go to the Cruise trunk show at Neimans today. They had about a dozen bags. Three patent reissues; a beautiful Navy, Gold and Silver. The gold and silver were very bright. An evening clutch with a giant jewel (pretty and fun). A big silver Coco Cabas. A smaller Coco Cabas and other various bags. So sorry. Had I known I was doing reconnisance work I would have done a much better job. I should know that is part of my responsiblity now that I am a PF'er. I think the Cruise Collection doesn't compare to the Spring Collection that I saw on the forum about a week ago. If anyone REALLY needs more detail I may be able to go back tomorrow. They will be there from 10 - 6.
  8. Thanks Kim!
  9. socal where are you?!
  10. OMG! I almost missed this thread! Yes...I went to the trunk show...and no...I was not DT for SoCal today!

    What I can recall...tried on the white MC tote (but that was not part of the trunk show)...

    Let's see...saw the baby coco in blue/teal and khaki/bronze...not quite right for me...

    Two interesting totes in terms of E/W, one N/S...the N/S was bronze and the E/W was silver...decided the metallic bags with hardware woven through were a bit much for me...

    Saw a large coco...want to say it was white/silver almost mesh-like...looked a bit like an athletic bag...I suppose the edging reminded me of those...what do you call them...terrycloth bands worn around the head or as armbands...

    And saw two perforated black and one white...reminded me of nurse shoes...

    I was actually a bit disappointed...nothing to tempt Diamond Stitch-esque bags on display...

    Still liking that incredibly expensive tote Roey posted from the Nordstrom trunk show...but the price...OMG!
  11. What in particular did you not like about the baby cabas?
  12. Just my opinion as I know many, many posters like it...I found it "cute"... I liked the fit of the other (but for me, too bling) totes better...
  13. I am so in love with the Massai now that I think I am going to let the cabas slide....

    Thanks for reporting back.
  14. I have been so "reasonable" lately in respect to bags, it is almost shameful... Well, I have made up for it with some other nice accessories... The Massai sounds like a nice choice!
  15. thanks, kim and socal! i'm glad there wasn't much to tempt and since i don't really love the baby cabas, my bank account should be safe for now!
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