SoCal Weather.... *dies!*

  1. what the hell is up with the weather?! gah.

    it's like 100 degrees and wait wait.. where the heck is the sun?! omg....... *dies*

    it got to be about 85 degrees IN MY ROOM.. i don't have air conditioning, but i do have a bunny and hot weather + bunny = dead bunny!! :sad:

    i have 4 fans on constantly circulating air in the room for the past 2 days and i'm afraid i'm going to have to keep it on for the rest of the week too. goodness.

    i'm supposed to get the aircon unit installed last week, obviously didn't happen, so hopefully we can get it installed this weekend.

    socalians! what do you think of our funkdified weather?
  2. global warming !! go see Gores movie and it will make perfect sense for you poor bunny..
  3. I hear you! I had class (summer school) until 9 pm, and when I came out of the classroom it was dark, hot, and muggy! It's so not fun when it is hot at night too...
  4. Forgot to add: I'm in L.A. :biggrin:
  5. I know what you mean Jimmy! I'm in Chino Hills and it's so muggy and icky and hot and gross! But we refuse to turn the AC on because I don't want to have a $300 electric bill, so we have our fans on too.
  6. dont need to.. i totally believe in it. i'm not one of those skepticals. it all makes sense to me, especially since cali hasn't had an earthquake to release the heat/steam...
  7. Totally understand your pain. I heard some thunders the other night but no rain. Then today it was cloudy but very very humid and sticky. I felt like I was back in Asia!! It looks cold but it's freaking hot! I'm dying here... :sick:
  8. i hear you in the emirates it is around 104-110 in the summer time . there is no other possibility than feeing the country it is really unbearable :yucky:
  9. I recently went thru and proofed everything so hopefully I won't lose it all like in the Northridge quake. I have a feeling it won't be long until we see another one.
  10. I use to live in Dubai and Kuwait for some time. I remember it getting hot over there, but never terribly humid. I don't mind when its 110 and not humid. But when it's like 80 + and humid I can't stand it lol. I live in Vancouver, Canada now.
  11. It's about 33 degrees here (Celcius) and super duper humid. Welcome to my daily personal hell in Taiwan hehe.
  12. I feel that way too. Have you guys been reading the newspapers lately? There have been numerous articles w/ experts predicting an 8.0 w/in the next 10 years or so. It's kinda freaky, but what can you do? Apparently we are sitting on the San Andreas faultline...
  13. :censor:
  14. It's ok Irissy, just remember in the event of an emergency, save the women, children and bags first...:biggrin:

    If anything happens, you can be the heir to my rouge B-bag, lol! :P
  15. Yayyyyy... :yahoo:You promise? :graucho: