SoCal TPF Saturday Brunch....the aftermath!

  1. I think its safe to say that we all had a wonderful time yesterday and really missed the SoCal girls that couldn't make it! We really must do this again soon!
    Here is a photo of the bags - try and guess who belongs to who!

    SoCal Handbags.jpg

    In attendance were:
    Bagnshoofetish (me!)
    Frozen7313 (but no bag represented here!)
  2. And here is what I came home with -


    LV keychain.jpg

    even got a wallet for hubby - he loves it!
  3. Sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I was still in Socal... born and raised. I miss it so much. I would've been there with ya ladies otherwise!

    Where did you all meet, eat and shop?
  4. Awsome! I cant believe I didnt know about this, I sooooooo would have been there. I did NOTHING yesterday! Dang!!!
  5. We met at South Coast Plaza at an outdoor cafe - after food/coffee we ventured into the danger zones:

    walked by Hermes (too afraid to go in!):sweatdrop:
    then I left before everyone went into Bottega...
  6. Oh Skimmie! I thought you knew about this! You never saw the thread about it? I would have loved to meet you!
  7. wow!!! i feel so left

    maybe next time!!
  8. I wanna meet Cutestmomever...I see her posting around & she seems like a cool & hyper mom. LOL. :shame::graucho:
  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves and congrats on your purchases :smile:
  10. SCP, of course. My old stomping grounds.........
  11. Bag, you looked so hot with that bag (and without)!! Yay!
  12. ooops! I wanted to include a photo of the charms Cutestmomever made for each of us! Are these cool or what? Such a sweet thing to do!

    purse charm.jpg
  13. your'e waay too nice! I was so bloated yesterday too! I'm glad I didn't get the Chanel afterall - my checking account is still smoking!
  14. look at those bags!!! oooo i've been eyeing that miumiu bag! whoever that belongs to, can you please post a modeling picture? thanks!
  15. I'm so happy so many of you were able to get together. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I love your new Fendi, Bagnshoofetish! It's a real beauty! The charm Cutestmomever made is adorable. Did anyone else get anything on your shopping trip?