SoCal Sample Sale - Results

  1. Well, fellow Kooba junkies, it appears that us West Coasties are still going to envy the East Coasties 'cuz.... this wasn't much of a sample sale compared to those in N.Y.

    The sale consisted of a few particular styles of bags, which were on sale for approximately 50% off retail. The woman who assisted me said to divide the price on the Kooba tag by 2.2. The sale consisted of the following bags:

    Annie - all colors
    Julia - Python and black
    Nicole - White
    Paige- every color
    Kelsey - all colors, no suede
    McKenzie- all colors
    Josie - older style, in Toast
    Cassandra- the darker color of the large disco ball
    Maria - only one, in camel suede

    It appeared they had less than 10 boxes of stock, and some of those had maybe one or two bags in them.

    I got there around 9:30 and there was not another soul there shopping. The staff didn't appear to know the names of the bags, so I assume they were just liquidating a limited stock of a the above styles. ~sigh~

    It was cash only, and I decided to grab the Maria (even though I think she's too small for me and sold my black one a while back) because she was just too gorgeous and the price was less than what had been on the Kooba sale page. I then had to go back downstairs to get cash. I actually ended up paying less than 50% percent as the total came to $202 (which I guess is retail divided by 2.4, actually). Then a woman came out with a price list and confirmed it was to be $202. Definitely a good deal on a new Maria.

    So end the tale of the L.A. Kooba sale.
  2. What a huge disappointment. Maybe they'll do better next time around.
  3. koobame - Thanks for the great detailed post!

    thanks so much for posting the info. I was planning on going this morning, but didn't want to drag my 3 year old with me to Downtown (with the parking situation there, etc, etc.) The whole time though I had been thinking about how I was really missing a great sample sale (never been to a Kooba sale before). But, thanks to your post, I don't feel too too bad about missing it.

    Congrats on your purchase though!
  4. Thanks for the info KoobaMe! I ended up having to work, so didn't make it, but it sounds like I didn't miss much. Glad you got a great deal though!
  5. Whoops. Where the heck did "Kelsey" come from? I meant "Gretchen" Duh.

    sarmel: I'm glad to have saved you the trip, especially with a three-year old in tow! :smile:
  6. KoobaMe, thanks for your great feedback, although disappointing to hear the SoCal girls didn't get the same choice as the NY girls. How disappointing, but I'm glad you at least managed to pick up a Maria at a good price.
  7. Wow. So here we are. I just got back from my vacation in San Diego and I'm soooo happy I didn't miss much!!! I'm sorry though, for those that did go. Those New York Girls still have it good! :heart:
  8. Well, at least it wasn't too tempting..(to make us foreigners green with envy:noworry:)