SoCal returns from NorCal...Big Edith at Front Door

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  1. Ok.... ET, you're definitely are my long lost twin! I also have the Chestnut and Lilac Uggs! Other than that, have the olive rockstar and orchid too. I have finally found my long lost twin! I knew you were out there! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Sorry to hear about the ankle though... that sounds really really painful!
  2. Sorry for the double post, but SoCal, did you make a decision yet? That Ramona is amazing!!!!
  3. Well, I will definitely return or sell the large whiskey zippy...

    Thank you! I LOVE Ramona has been active in circulation since her tag was snipped!

    So...I have made one clear decision. Oh, make that two...LV is also going home (to NM)...

    I am not going to make any rash decisions about ostrich muse or silverado python... I have appreciated the forum-based feedback greatly! It has actually reminded me of why I purchased these two bags in the first place...

    I have a chocolate Chloe molly that also "sits" on a shelf in the closet...and my black pocket has not been used since Ramona came into my life... Although I did bring my black city "out of retirement" for the SF trip...

    Maybe I do need an official poll...
  4. I hear you SoCal. My bag collection was supposed to cap at 10; it's now at 16 with the addition of a new Gerard Darel today in camel that my sister bought for me. Time to think about something to ebay!

    Glad you are not making any rash decisions on the Muse or Silverado and that we have been a positive influence!

    My black city needs a dusting off - thanks for the reminder!
  5. Oohhh! Glad to hear about the Ramona! I think a poll would be useful. For a while there, I was getting confused on what the bags in question were!

    I prefer the ostrich muse for longevity reason... but Chloe has this silver python silverado that if it were available in California, I would definitely be in more trouble! Silverado is gorgeous too though, definitely a tough decision!!! :love: :nuts:
  6. Okay...for those of you keeping is the latest...

    Gave DH a "tour" of the latest rotation to solicit his opinion. Well, started conversation with...I was thinking about listing the ostrich or python... He is partial to both bags...he agrees whiskey zippy can go (hence she is not in the photo) and thinks perhaps the next "casualty" might be chocolate molly...

    BTW, DH thinks my need to take a quick photo of the "damage" is quite amusing/disturbing...

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  7. Yeah, I think the Molly could go. Molly just doesn't do it for me. No offense to the Molly fans!
  8. I so agree with ET. Molly doesn't scream out to me as the rest do!
  9. Thanks ET, BL... Funny how things suddenly become so easy, huh... Okay, so I posted Molly in the marketplace... Thanks to all for assistance with my latest handbag drama... I will see what I can come up with next week...
  10. Yay, I'm glad u decided to rethink the Muse. I'm wanting a Muse now but undecided on colour and then saw that you were gonna part with your ostrich one.. I was like NOOOOOO! (imagine that slow-mo)
  11. Molly doesn't do it for me either...good luck selling her!
  12. Ohhh, Molly hopes to find some loving in another home...
  13. SoCal,,, I think you should keep the ostrich muse and python silverado cause they are both delicious....*drooling..*.SHould let the molly go cause it is not that "chloe" for Ramona,,, personally I think choco is more unique than the black one....think like this: you have had the black chloe pocket which you love, maybe let got he black ramona?

    I hate to make choices for bags cause it is such a torture to let go some of them....:Push:
  14. I'm the worst at handbag decision making so I can't help! Although I do agree to let Molly go. SoCal, I just love all your pictures and your taste as well. I always love seeing all your pictures.

    I've been stuck on a boat now for 6 days without any wi-fi access until now, which meant no handbag shopping. I guess it's a good thing. Thank god I can always relay on the PF to live vicariously through everyones purchases. Haa haa.
  15. SoCal I was fantasizing last night about rolling on the floor in the middle of your bag-circle.... diaphanous dress, daisies in my hair and very beautiful, ethereal music being on a deserted island in the middle of a beautiful handbag ocean... :smile:

    Anyway! Back to reality!

    Understandable choice on Molly. I think your black pocket is so pretty I would really hate to see it leave for black Ramona. Even if you nix Molly, browns are still up 4/3. I think there's room for Ramona, pocket and bbag to stay in your black bag rotation :idea:
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